Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wasatch Backcountry Photos January - February 2013

January & February in the Wasatch Backcountry... on skis, and foot.
I spent the day with the Director of the Utah Avalanche Center for a piece I wrote for Mountain Magazine called "Never Go First".
The Crowbar SkiMo Race Women's Podium: Emily Sullivan 3rd, Emily Brackelsberg 2nd, Gemma Arro Ribot 1st

Diggin Pits

Reynolds Peak with a bunch of top cyclists.
Coming off Grandeur Peak after a fresh foot of new.
Love this ridge.
Dedicated to this bike commuting thing.
This is good summary of my January and February. I must apologize, I think I took more photos of the smog in these two months than than anything else.

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Rob said...

What's the purpose of the pits in the snow?