Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wasatch Backcountry Photos - December 2012

December, in the Wasatch Backcountry... on skis.

Can I ski more than a three year old? I hope so, but the running joke has been that I am being handily beaten by Ann and Andy's three year old daughter for days on skis. I may have gotten a late start, but I'm making up for it (plus, I've learned how to trash talk a lil' kid). I just can't let these photos wither on harddrives, to be forgotten — so each month, I'll share the best shots we get.

Days Fork Tree Dec 12: Photo by Andy Paradis
Evan Caplis droppin' a knee: Photo by Andy Paradis

Chad Brackelsberg setting the bookpack, he enjoys this type of thing. Photo by Matt Hart
Ann Paradis charging, she enjoys this type of thing: Photo by Andy Paradis

Chad Brackelsberg & Andy Paradis skinning up, to ski down: Photo by Matt Hart

Andy & Chad bootpacking to Lake Peak; He dislikes this type of thing: Photo by Matt Hart
Chad Brackelsberg skinning: Photo by Andy Paradis
Peter Adler West Couloir Kessler Peak: Photo by Matt Hart 

Evan Caplis, buried: Photo by Andy Paradis
Andy Paradis schralping: Photo Matt Hart

Matt Hart & Andy Paradis skinning in White Pine Dec : Photo by Evan Caplis

Peter Adler & Matt Hart about to ski the Catcher's Mitt off Kessler Peak - Dec 30: Photo by Evan Caplis


Oscarjet said...

very nice ! i love it ! here no snow...... :(

eichhorst said...

Just found out about your blog, Matt. Lots of good info and write-ups here! Thank you for sharing. Hope to cross paths with you one day, either on skis, or on foot. Happy turns!