Friday, November 16, 2012

Media Diet - What I Read Series

Someone who doesn't read gets about the same education as someone who can't. Where you get your information seems of vital importance to how you see the world. We are bombarded with information, and misinformation all day long. I'm fascinated by how people wade through the deluge, when and where they consume, and how they structure their work life around it. TheAtlanticWire has this wonderful series called Media Diet, that I read religiously. They focus on the reading habits of "prominent figures in media, entertainment, politics, the arts, and the literary world". I'm going to steal this idea from them, however my focus will be on prominent figures in athletics, nutrition, and health.

My first contributor will be sports nutritionist Amy Kubal (she's almost done with her essay). Although decidedly not prominent, I suppose it's only fair to start with myself.

My biggest issue will be getting these famous people to respond to my emails, so if you have any pull with the powerful, please help a brotha out. Also, if you have some favorites you'd love to read about, please let me know.

Others from the Media Diet: What I Read Series

Alex Hutchinson

Runner's World Sweat Science, National Magazine Award recipient for Science Journalism

Matt Hart
Endurance Coach, Athlete and Writer

Dr. Ben Lewis

UltraRunner, Doctor and Banjo Player


Christian said...

I'll throw a couple of my favorites out there:
Tim Noakes
Joe Friel
Ross Tucker
Jonathan Dugas

Looking forward to seeing what you learn.

Nick Wied said...

This is awesome I can't wait. As someone who gets their info from multiple, and usually contradicting sources. I applaud this idea.