Saturday, July 28, 2012

Speedgoat 50km 2012 Photos

My buddy Karl Meltzer puts on one hell of a race. This year he managed to get this 12,000+ foot of gain, 50km race added to the SkyRunning series and he upped the cash prizes to $10,000. This brought in a few of the fastest mountain runners in the world to charge up and down the slopes of Snowbird. After volunteering this morning I was free to roam. Brett Gosney and I ran around the course taking pictures and video... enjoy.
What everyone is racing for - the 2012 Speedgoat Awards (the Cankle Awards)

Fellow Montrail Runner Max King - Bend, OR (In 3rd on this climb, in 3rd at the finish)
Anton Kripicka - Boulder, CO (he finished 4th)
Anna Frost - New Zealand (1st Woman)
Two of my favorites Montrail Athlete Gary Robbins -  Vacncouver, BC (dropped) & Eric Storheim - Salt Lake, UT (20th)
Jason Loutitt - Squamish, BC (9th)
Emily Sullivan - Salt Lake, UT (4th woman)
Sean Miessner - Durango, CO (22nd)


Greg said...

Anna Frost is from New Zealand

Matt Hart said...

But she lives in Wales.

Ultra168 said...

She hasnt lived in Wales for over a year - definitely competes for New Zealand.

Brendan Trimboli said...

thanks for being out there matt... good to see you and brett all over the place

Matt Hart said...

Thanks Brendan, good to see you... Let's make a plan to chat about Wasatch soon. I'm happy to help.

Steve Pero said...

Yes, good seeing you, Matt and fantastic shots!
See you and many others at Wasatch (Crewing Deb).