Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Life Ascending - Ptarmigan Films

The gang at Ptarmigan Films sent me a copy of their award winning movie A Life Ascending.  It's a timely tale for the winter we are having and the backcountry death we've seen this season.  Since friend and inspiration Steve Romeo's death I'm having trouble mentally squaring the inherent risk involved with a life lived in the mountains.  I'm struck by the dissonance of something so deadly that quite simply breaths so much life into me.

"Regardless of how much you know, you cannot make the mountain safe." ~ Ruedi Beglinger

World class guide Ruedi Beglinger, his wife and their two daughters own and operate the Selkirk Mountain Experience in B.C.  The movie chronicles their lives and the tragic events of the class III avalanche that took seven of their clients in 2003.  I hope to interview the director soon.

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Leslie said...

I loved this movie. It was voted audience favorite at the Banff Mountain Film fest last year. I had one friend who survived that avalanche, but the other who did not. All of that aside - it was a great cultural piece. A glimpse of a man, his family and a life created in the mountains.