Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paleo Power Balls

For really long ultras, backcountry skiing or anything where I am going slow enough to eat some real food I like to take these Power Balls with me.

Ingredients:   (makes 10 balls or 6 bars)
   * 1 Cup Almonds (soaked)
   * 1 Cup Raisins'
   * 1 Scoop 100% Egg White Protein - Or SFH Whey (MattHartCE discount code)
   * 2 tsp. Cinnamon
   * 1 tbsp Shredded Coconut
   * 1 tbsp Cocao (optional)

- Soak the almonds for at least 4hrs.
- Rinse the raisins with some water.
- Toss them in a food processor with the other ingredients & blend until smooth.
- Roll the balls in the shredded Coconut until covered.
- Store in the Freezer.

Next Level:
- To add some crunch to them throw in additional almonds, macadamia, brazil nuts, or cashews to the original batch after it's fully blended. Then give it a quick blend in the food processor so the nuts are chopped up, but not blended.

** Thanks to wonderful Paleo Nutritionist Amy Kubal for the original recipe which I've slightly altered.

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Rob Timko said...

Do you have a estimated calorie breakdown for these? I was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia and my traditional maltodextrin+water nutrition plan has proven counterproductive and makes me bonk harder. I've been told to cut carbs, and try a different race nutrition plan. These look like they may be something to give a try.