Saturday, February 4, 2012

Less Stuff, More Happiness

Does your stuff own you?  Are you so trapped by the boat, SkiDoo and the mortgage that you couldn't even think about chasing a risky dream?  What about the fancy china you received as a wedding gift and have never actually never used?  

It seems like this country has a consumption problem. I'm struck by how few people are on board with less is more. I'm totally there. It's part utility caused by my transient lifestyle, and it's part an attempt to live simple and be happier. Following the American dream of the deferred life means, if you are (conventionally) successful, at some point the stuff you own starts to own you. Requiring your constant attention, be it time or finances - likely both.  Ridding yourself of non-essentials will of course free up more time and more finances.  "Making room for the good stuff".  Have the basics and get rid of the rest. Trust me, it feels good.

This video is what inspired this post.  It's pretty spot on.
Also check out this piece called "Living in a Pop-up Tent Trailer in Baja Mexico".


mtnrunner2 said...

I think about this stuff all the time, having moved umpteen times in the last couple of decades.

Love the photos of that guy's living room. That place is fantastic.

I'm not necessarily for "less is more", so much as "intelligent less". Simply saying "less" seems too much like softening up humanity to tolerate forced deprivation. Adding the qualifier "intelligent" leaves it up to the individual to decide what "less" is.

But on the other hand, most of us have way more than we need.

In my living room right now, I have a couple of odd chairs (one is folding canvas), lamp and small table, TV for watching movies, then mountain bike, skis, and a swath of running/ski gear. That's it. Just the stuff I really use.

Time to go clean out some old stuff :)

Oscarjet said...

My old life before start running and outdoor sports was full of matterial things etc...but now after two years unemployed about the spanish crisis and after 12 years runnind and enjoying the outdoors my mind has changed. I move my profesion as a pilot and i work near at home with less money but leading my spare time enjoying my baby and my trails every day....simply life im very happy less stresful and best person for sure....for me live experiences is the best personal you can do and transmit to very happy with my new life i now i want this ....Stuff for me is only the minimal for life...i prefer live every second , well...good house is 65square meters !!!! nice you update!! ;D regards from Garraf. Spain ..