Thursday, October 6, 2011

UltrAspire Isomeric Race Hand Bottle Holder Review

Reviewed By:  Chad Brackelsberg

I was happy to be able to test out the new UltrApire Isomeric Race hand bottle strap.  After seeing a lot of UltrAspire products are races this fall and hearing great feedback of them online, I have been anxious to try several of the products including the Isomeric Race, Kinetic Pack, and Impulse waste pack.  I used the Isomeric Race on a Nathan water bottle as I like these bottles better than the Specialized bottles as they are a little bit smaller in diameter and fit my hand better.  The hand strap installed easily no the bottle with the bottom being very snug and therefore not able to slide up.  To get the strap adjusted to my hand, I had to work the bottom up a little bit to make room.  The strap provided a tight fit over my hand which is something I look for in hand bottle holders.  I do not like to "grip" the bottle and instead let it hang on my hand.  This is only possible with a strap that offers a tight fit on my hand.  During the run, the holder performed perfectly. It was tight on my hand so I was able to let the bottle hang without gripping it, the bottom strap did not shift or move, and the top adjustable strap did not loosen.  This bottle holder will be a perfect holder when a person wants to go minimalist.  My only concern is that over time, will the bottom of the holder stretch out and become loose on a bottle.  My only recommendation is to have a small elastic loop to hold the extra length of the adjustable top strap.  I was able to tuck the strap under itself, but this took a little bit of effort and does not easily allow a person to adjust the strap on the go.


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Oscarjet said...

Hi Matt,

i follow your trails from Spain , i really like ! i would like to purchase the Ultraspire Spry but i cant order it out of the US....can you help me to purchase one of them...please...also i need a couple of handle bottles...
well, thanks and keep enjoying the mountain ! ;D