Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recipe: Baked Yam Fries

Yams should be in every endurance athletes shopping cart.  They are my preferred starchy carbohydrate source and they are soo very tasty.  Apparently there is more of the good (nutrients like: coratinoids, magnesium, zinc) and less of the bad (toxins and antinutrients, saponins) in a yams when compared to white potatoes.  Since we're always shooting for the most nutrient dense foods, yams win.  I'll often come home from training and eat these with homemade guacamole (recipe coming) as a recovery meal.

I like to leave them in a bit longer than prescribed to get that 'crispy' effect.  A word of caution, it's easy to end up with compost like this.

How long does it take:  20 minutes
What you need:  A baking tray and an oven

  • Two large, 8 – 10 oz yams 
  • 2 Tablespoons cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Preheat oven to broil
-Wash, then slice the yams into ½” thick, by ½” wide by 3-4 “ long strips (depending on the size of the yam).  Most importantly, keep the size of all the slices the same to ensure even cooking.

-Toss well with the oil to ensure the yam pieces are evenly coated.

-Place on rimmed baking sheet, lined with a piece of parchment paper (makes for an easy clean-up).

-Broil for 10’ on one side, then turn over and broil 10’.  Yams are done when easily pierced with a fork.  Remove from oven, then sprinkle salt and pepper on top.

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