Thursday, October 13, 2011

High Sierra High

Dawn Glanc and I joined photographer Ben Ditto and Jason "Coach" Lakey for a bit of High Sierra traversing in the name of aesthetics.  I am a lucky man indeed.

I also wrote a lil blog on this for the Mountain Hardwear website.. check it.


RunSmart said...

Hehe love to see that you wear Marrell trail glove and other wear La Sportiva Raptor. To shoe build for trail but still very far from each other :)

Matt Hart said...

RunSmart: I was actually wearing the Montrial Fairhaven ( Coach was wearing the Montrail Hardrocks. Dawn is a climber sponsored by La Sportiva, so I'm not sure which one she had on.

RunSmart said...

Ahh okay.. The last pic just looks like a pair of Marrell trail glove. But the La Sportiva shoe is without a doubt a Raptor, i know since i got one myself :) But great pics