Monday, October 10, 2011

Headlamps for Trail Runners

I often get asked about what headlamp I prefer for trail running at night.  Last week alone I was asked twice via twitter what headlamps I use.  I've answered this in detail in TrailRunner Magazine as well (which I'll post at some later date).

My Favorite Headlamp For Everyday Use:

Black Diamond Sprinter.
  Lightweight, simple and provides a good light to run by.  Most importantly for weekly pre-dawn group runs and/or daily use.. it's rechargeable!
Light Type :  DoublePower LED
Lumens :  68
Max Distances :  50 m
Max Burn Time :  64 H
Weight Without Batteries :  100g / 3.5 oz

My Favorite Headlamp For Racing

Petzl Myo XP.  I won't trust a rechargeable battery during a race. This light also lasts 108hrs, has 3 levels of brightness and is super reliable.

Light Type :  Super Bright LED
Lumens :  150
Max Distances :   97 m (boost mode)
Max Burn Time :  108 H
Weight With Batteries :  176g / 6.2 oz

My Favorite Headlamp For Pacing

Petzl Ultra. This light is expensive, but it's amazingly powerful.  I won't race with this light because it's simply too heavy.  However for pacing it's only equivalent would be driving a car with the high beams on behind your runner.

Light Type :  New Generation Power LED
Lumens :  350
Max Distances :   59 m
Max Burn Time :  High 2hrs, Low 25hr
Weight With Batteries :  350g / 12.34oz

My Favorite Headlamp For Emergencies

Petzl e+LITE Emergency Headlamp. I have on many ocassions found myself out much later than I planned with no torch.  This can be dangerous, but mostly it's frustrating to move so slowly through the bush or down the trail when you know with even a little bit of light you could be cruising home to that hot shower, hot food, or hot girlfriend.  I've more than once said to myself "the e+LITE is one ounce, just f'ing take it every time you head out." 

Light Type :  LED
Lumens : 16
Max Distances :   19 m
Max Burn Time :  45hrs
Weight With Batteries :  28g / .987oz


solarweasel said...

I agree with your suggestions above -- particularly the Petzl Myo XP... what a great lamp.

However, I'll add a plug for the Fenix LD20 handheld flashlight ( I'm quite clumsy with a single head-mounted light source, and have found the flashlight to offer much more depth allowing me to better spot roots/rocks and pick out course markings in the dark.

saima khan said...

Totally agree with your suggestion... Very nice post and good information here... Thanks for posting that....

Matt Hart said...

Thanks guys. I do want to add an addendum to this. I got my hands on a Spring 2013 headlamp from BD called the ReVolt. I charged in with my cigarette lighter USB adapter on the way to Colorado for Nolan's. It's super light and plenty bright, rechargeable, but also takes normal batteries - awesome ~

Steave Harmission said...
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Ross Taylor said...

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