Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some modifications for the Long Trail

i'm no fan of irene.  the same day i flew back east to attempt the long trail unsupported was the same day hurricane irene decided to decimate the lovely state of vermont.  the green mountain national forest is still closed.  i had planned on starting on thursday sept 1st.  i just spoke with the green trails club.  she said that there are big suspension bridges out and that the southern section was most likely impassible.  they are having a big assessment meeting on friday, so i'm pushing my attempt back to probably sunday sept 4th.  this obviously isn't enough time for them to repair washouts or fix bridges along the trail, but at least i'll have more of an idea of what exactly i'm getting into.  this certainly makes a record run less likely, if not impossible.  but i'm here, i'm physically and logistically prepared, so i'm going to push off into the great unknown with 6 days of food.  consider the already high chance of blow out exponentially higher now.  i've had to change my entire mental focus for this, but with risk comes reward.

along the same note of having to modify my expectations on the long trail, i stayed up late modifying the backpack i'm taking with me.  seeing as though ultraspire doesn't make packs this large, i went with a mountain hardwear fluid 32 backpack. it's a great start, but with ice axe hooks, compression straps, a hood with a heavy metal clip, etc.. it had to be cut up a bit.  this is part of the fun.

some of the surgery shots:

the 360 coming soon...


Rob Timko said...

I'd be interested to see a 'gear list'! Good luck!

peter said...

Good luck Matt. Hurricane/flood ravaged course just intensifies the adventure. Record or not, you are going to push your own envelope. Looks like you are quite capable of making modifications to suit the adventure. Know that you have folks back in UT cheering you on, albeit from a distance.

Matt Hart said...

my gear list was tweeted. i'll post soon, although i've deviated now that i've changed plans.

thanks a lot peter.. nice to know i've got some utahans cheering for me!

i'll post my change of plans very soon... stay tuned.