Saturday, June 18, 2011

Zion Vitamin D UltraRunning Camp Day 3 - Zion Traverse

zion is an amazing place to run.  in my opinion the crown jewel is the zion traverse.  it's a 50 mile route across the entire park.  it's stunning.  because of it's diversity i even think it trumps the venerable grand canyon rim to rim to rim run.  as i recall it took us 12hrs total time with about 10hrs of run time to cross the park... and i got some great video, check it.


Dusty said...

Great video! It looked like most had a hydration pack + bottles. How long between places to refill?

Matt Hart said...

you can get water at the grotto which is in the main canyon. then we had jim meet us at mile 35 as well. have a look at jared campbell's website for more details.