Monday, May 16, 2011

Zion Vitamin D UltraRunning Camp Day 1

there are few things better than a bunch of ultrarunners getting together to run big miles in a beautiful place.  my first foray into camp style training was in 2006 when i was lucky enough to attend the last coyote 4 play.  my focus back then was 24hr mtn bike races, so the 206 mile run week was far and away my biggest week ever.

i got to chatting with justin angle about coming out to salt lake city and getting a dose of vitamin d.  you see the sun rarely comes out in seattle.  once we got his dates locked in i started to invite a select group of ultrarunners and he started calling it camp vitamin d.  i kicked around the idea of moab, but zion was always the most likely candidate.  i wanted to show these guys the awesome 50 mile zion traverse route.  so i booked us a place to stay just a quarter mile from the park entrance and figured out a lose run plan.  after it all shook out we had quite a cast:  justin angle, bill huggins and bryan estes from seattle, bruce grant from bc and luke nelson from idaho.

everyone arrived in slc on thursday.  our first run of the four days would be a bit short since we had a 5hr drive to souther utah.  bryon powell joined us for our first run up and around mt wire.  here is a quickly put together video of day 1... enjoy.


Clynton said...

Beautiful. Looks like a lot of fun. Did you get high enough to get to snow?

jun said...

Wire and Red Butte Peaks, classic. I love those little guys.
Good luck in Zion. I'm sure you'll have better weather than we had last year. Check out my blog for details and a video.