Sunday, April 24, 2011

Female FKT on the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim

FKT: Fastest Known Time.

a few weeks ago i got an offer i could not refuse.  two of the fastest female ultrarunners on earth asked me to join them at the big ditch and document their adventure.  i was in desperate need of some consistent dirty trail, so i left a few days early and stopped in fruita, colorado.  i love this place.  i ended up getting to run the desert rat's trail festival trail 1/2 marathon.  it was fun to run anaerobic for almost 2hrs.  great training, if you haven't seen the scenary take a look at the quick twit vids i took of troy's and mary's loop which were part of the race course.

i then met the girls at the big ditch.  a good nights of sleep and they got started at 6am on the dot.  my video of their adventure:

devon's blog on the adventure
krissy's blog on the adventure

... and my fav photos from the day.

CONGRATS ON SPEED RECORD GIRLS!.. rumor has it the speed record was set even lower by Darcy Africa just a few days later. i love to see girls chargin!

** what camera did i use for all this?  the GoPro HD Hero

*** if you love the grand canyon like i do and want it left alone then please check out this psa grand canyon on uranium mining. nothing but pollution will follow.

meet the pro team


Andrew McGregor said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

jun said...

Sick pics. That was a cool video too.

davidultra49 said...
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davidultra49 said...

Sweet Vid of the Fruita Loops bro. Getting pretty stoked about it. Can't wait to get out there and get dirty. Only 5 more weeks!

jbones said...

Loved the video Matt! thanks for sharing. Great job Krissy - you inspire me.

Moshe said...

great video.
love to see a long version.