Sunday, March 27, 2011

Andy's Wasatch Skiing Photo Dump

my buddy andy takes some pretty amazing photos in the backcountry. here are some of his best...  here is part 1:
Walking Thunder Ridge on the way to Coalpit. January

Ann skiing White Pine

Matt skiing into Porter Fork. Early January.

White Pine in the morning on the way to ski Coalpit. January.

The inversion over the Salt Lake Valley. January.

Matt, Chad, and Kelly on the Coalpit exit waterfall.

Silver Fork Meadows

Frosted aspen

These few inches of new snow buried a layer of surface hoar

Matt skiing a few inches of low density snow. January.

Up for another lap in the Monitors. January.

Trees in Red Pine


The elusive standing pinecone!

Matt on his way to climb and ski 100,000 vertical feet in a week.

Mt. Superior

The snow re-started in February. Chad skiing Sliver Fork.

Jeff skiing deep pow.

Ann skiing Sliver Fork. February.

Ann shredding

Ann shralping

Matt rippin nose guards style

Surface hoar up close. This eventually was buried by a rain event which really helped cover this weak layer. January.