Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wasatch PowderKeg 2011

there is but one ski mountaineering race in the mighty wasatch mountains ~ the wasatch powder keg.  it was started ages ago by butch adams and fellow pro team member andrew mcclean.  it's now directed by the wonderful chad and emily brackelsberg.

i had the pleasure of helping scout this years new course. they've added a climb to make the race division 5,500 feet. my repeated requests for a 15,000 - 20,000 foot ultra-stupid category have unfortunately fallen on deaf ears... they think i'm kidding apparently.

Where:  Brighton Utah
When:  Saturday, March 12
Race Division Stats: 5,500 feet of up, 9.5 miles, 6 climbs
Rec Division Stats:  3,500 feet of up, 6.6 miles, 4 climbs
Entry Fee:  $65
Sign up at


Bryon Powell said...

I'd been in for the Ultra-Stupid-2 category... the course on foot.

Matt Hart said...

Powell we'll have plenty of time to do ultra stupid training on foot this summer! i'm really looking forward to it.

Team Crested Butte said...

Come do the Power of Four in Aspen...27mi, 12,800ft and under 7 hrs if you're lucky....Or the Elk Mtn GT...but that's painfully flat and nearly all in the dark, ugh! Ski ya later!