Sunday, February 13, 2011

100,000 feet of Vert - Day 6

Day 6 - 14,208 feet of vertical gain
Backcountry Vert 10,088 feet
InBounds Vert 4,120 feet
Total Vert Climbed in six days:  87,866 feet

today i headed out with andy once again. he's been an awesome ski partner for this project and i really appreciate his help and company... and photos.

skiing with friends always brings some variety, which is good.  today we chose the brighton backcountry. the conditions weren't good and i wined all day. i honestly hope i wasn't too bad... but i was tired and every piece of equipment i have malfunctioned in some way.  it was however sunny and beautiful. we started with the shoulder chute off of mount tuscarora (pictured below).  then hot lapped wolverine peak skiing various chutes out the bottom past millicent to the dam.

me skiing the chundered shoulder chute of mount tuscarora

i had planned on getting closer to 6,000 feet of vert at brighton.  apparently my event planner didn't call ahead and let them know i'd need them to stay open on a sunday night.  without their lights my motivation dwindled to a paltry 4,120 feet.

i've got 12,134 verticael feet left to ski tomorrow.  as we used to say on my adventure race team "i can do anything for xx (insert time, distance or elevation gain).  i can do anything for 12,134 feet.  i'll crawl if i have to.

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