Thursday, February 10, 2011

100,000 feet of Vert - Day 3

Day 3 - 11,637 feet of vertical gain
Backcountry Vert 11,637 feet
InBounds Vert 0 feet
Total Vert Climbed in three days:  45,106 feet

Some days I feel like shit
Some days I wanna quit
and just be normal for a bit
-Fort Minor

a bit melodramatic? yeah, but today was one of those days. after climbing and skiing 17,135 feet yesterday my legs were worked. i felt the muscle soreness immediately after getting done. last night i was really wheezy and had trouble breathing. skiing that much vert just made my night hectic. so i didn't get to bed early enough, which caused the 3x 10min snoozes this a.m. i had that dreadful, "i don't want to get up right now" feeling. my legs were only about a 6 on the soreness scale, but my attitude was a 3.

being a bit late i decided to repeat yesterday's ski tour and hit up the argenta slide path again off of kessler peak. it's very time efficient as it's basically upper deck right from the road, with just a couple of satyr sections.

i'll be honest. after yesterday i was thinking i could bang out 100,000 feet in 6 days. my goal had sort of changed in my mind.  but just like an ultra the small issues that aren't addressed early become BIG issues.  the flex of my ski boots rub the front inside of my ankle.  it hurt yesterday but everything else was going well so i ignored it.  hell, when you ski 9-11hrs of each day it would be more surprising if something didn't hurt.

so back to this morning. what was a beautiful steep skin track yesterday was a slippery mess today. for every 3 steps i moved forward i fell back at least once.  the wind chill was -3. on my first descent i had to stop and rub my hands every few minutes (yes i had hand warmers). my toes were gone.  right out the gate my ankle was throbbing.  i tried callus cushions, i tried rolling my sock down to create a little space, i tried skiing with the tongue flapping in the wind... none of it worked. i contemplated a lot of options. in the end a combination of all of these things and some ibuprofen off set the pain enough to continue. however i didn't reach any of my vert goals for the day. i was a total shit show.

it's not all bad however. i'll consider this a rest day. it's left me with enough time to get gas, hit the grocery store, cook some food, clean up, pack and rest a bit for tomorrow. i am icing my ankle now and have to figure out how to fix this issue. i might just have to take a knife to my ski boots.

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