Wednesday, February 9, 2011

100,000 feet of Vert - Day 2

on our second lap. we had a beautiful day! photo by andy

Day 2 - 17,135 feet of vertical gain

Backcountry Vert 12,408 feet
InBounds Vert 4,727 feet
Total Vert Climbed in two days:  33,469 feet

part of me keeps thinking this will become easier as i go.  it's not.  it hasn't.  it won't. 16, 17, or 18,000 feet of uphill in the mountains at altitude just isn't easy.  today however was close to perfect.  i managed my nutrition much better, didn't dive quite so deeply into dehydration as i normally do (one bottle for 7 hours!) and just took my time a bit more.  it really helped having a friend there for the first 6,000 or so feet.  it was just like any other backcountry ski day.  i might have been a few minutes slower, but the time and vert just flew by.

i also finally got up on time!  i felt surprisingly fresh this morning after yesterday's 16,334 feet.  i didn't have that dreadful feeling of having to wake up, and zero soreness.  i must be doing something right with my recovery.  i did sleep in my skins recovery tights (thanks stamstad!).

we started skinning at 7:15am just as planned, 15mins before sunrise.  i'd heard the argenta slide path off of kessler peak was the place to get lots o' vert fast.  it literally shoots 3,000 feet up from the big cottonwood road... and it did not disappoint.

best part of the day:  andy and i ripping argenta's lovely light powder - see video

worst part of my day:  my ankle is killing me from the rub of my ski boots.  both pairs hurt.  bought callus cushions on the way home. i also very much dislike having to ski any vert at brighton. i don't know how the rando racers do it day after day. the whole scene is not for me (well at least not after this project). even with the avy danger in the backcountry, skinning up and down brighton is far and away the most dangerous part of my day. with that said... i'm thankful they turn on the lights and let me skin up and ski down.

i'm thinking, "what have i gotten myself into?" photo by andy

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