Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100,000 feet of Vert - Day 1

i'm making another attempt at skiing 100,000ft of vertical in a week, seven days.  i can think of no better way to celebrate the fact that i somehow got into both the wasatch 100 and the hardrock 100 mile ultramarathons. these are arguable two of the hardest 100 mile courses on earth.  this was my 4th time applying to hardrock, so i'm pretty excited.

so, what does 100,000ft look like?  it looks like an average of 14,286 feet of uphill per day for seven days.  i'm actually going to shooting for 15,000 ft so the last day can be just a 10,000 foot day (or if i'm feeling saucey i can push as much vert out as possible until midnight).  i'm using my suunto t6c to record the vertical gain.  i'll also post to suunto's website moves count.com and try to wear my hr monitor.  could be interesting data.

the weather says wind chill values for tuesday will be -8.  wednesday -15... gotta start at some point right?

Day 1 : 16,334 feet of vertical gain

Backcountry Vert 11,761 ft, InBounds Vert 4,573 ft = Days Vert Total 16,334 feet
the movescount for the backcountry vert, movescount for brighton vert

i had intended to start at 7am, but wasn't skinning until 7:50am.  big cottonwood received 10-12 inches of 8% snow.  it. was. amazing.  i skied the first 10,000ft in 5hours 9minutes, not bad.  i felt great up through 10,000 feet.  in my excitement however i must not have eaten enough because once 11,000 feet ticked off i all of a sudden felt like crap.  i wanted to be done, and started wondering what i was getting myself into.

the rule is at least the first 10,000 feet have to be in the backcountry.  so i've started this project off strong with day 1.  i managed to get 11,761 feet in the backcountry before hitting the car for my meal drive to brighton.

* of note i uploaded my suunto logs to suunto's website movescount.com so you can see a bit more detail.  this software also fixes any data issues in the log.  this causes it to report either slightly higher or slightly lower vert totals than what i see on the watch.  the movescount corrected data for my first session says i climbed 11,761 ft while my watch said 11,742 ft.  for my brighton vert it calculated lower, at 4,573ft when the watch says 4,587ft... anyway - for my grand totals i'll be using what movescount decides is correct.

after eating a ton on my drive to brighton i just didn't feel good. kind of gross actually.  but i just played some tunes and got 'er done.  as the sun went down the temps quickly went negative and i had to cover my face to avoid frostbite.  i've had it before.  never again.

once i got home i made a venison stir fry.  i purchased a deer with two buddies lastd week.  it's probably the best meat i've ever had.  cleaning up, showering, getting ready for tomorrow and eating always sucks up any downtime.  by the time i'm done it's bed time so i can get up at 5:30am and start all over again.  well after i watch an episode of season 4 dexter, which just arrived from netflix.

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Erik said...

Why'd you purchase a deer? I'll just go shoot one for you. And an elk if you want it. Nothing better than fresh elk steaks.

if you don't want me to shoot one, there's a fresh one hit on Wasatch Blvd almost every morning. Just pick it up on your way to start some new vert.