Tuesday, January 25, 2011


inspiration is everywhere if you stop and look around a bit.

i'm inspired by athletes. like your first time on psychedelics you realize that your mind is a powerful thing, and there is another side if you're willing to look over that edge. what is possible is so much a construct of our minds that when someone does something we think is impossible it expands our own perceived achievable limits.  i had the pleasure of backcountry skiing with some athletes from my backcountry.com team this past weekend.  athletes who were in town for the outdoor retailer show.  one who climbs and skis first descents in the far away lands.  one who hucks cliffs and skies lines most look at and don't consider skiable terrain. and one who just totally blew the ski mountaineering world's collective mind by climbing under his own power and skiing back down 2 million vertical feet in one calendar year.

i'm inspired by photographers.

i'm inspired by videographers.

i'm inspired by passion.  by people who know the odds are against them, but give'er anyway.  boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

as a kid i wore out the larry bird movie. i can still recite almost every line.
"The wonderful arrogance of a man who needs two to tie or three to win. Has the time to do either one, and says, let's roll the dice."

you got one life. roll that fucking dice.

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