Monday, September 6, 2010

Images from Cascade Crest 100 Miler

the theos had a blast while their dad's raced

i had the great pleasure to crew and pace b. hugs (bill huggins) at this years cascade crest 100 miler. bill ran such an awesome race, it was inspiring to watch him run consistent all day for 3rd place. it was also a great last long run to test my hip, which was fine the whole 33 miles i got to spend with bill (my next fartlek run of just 3.2 miles actually hurt more). i also got to watch my friend jeff browning crush the cascade creset 100 record. what he did was pretty impressive (jeff's blog on the race). some of my new running partners here in slc were racing too. christian and greg both had great races and it was a lot of fun to cheer them through the course (christian's race report).

here are the pictures and video i tweeted along the way:

bronco billy pre race

my client bryan estes and his pops pre race

browning and mike adams pre race

bills tray at tacoma pass

jb helping adam lint

bryan estes refuling at stampede

b. hugs flying through hyak

mike adams and marin

browning fixing his bd headlamp at hyak, before the darkness

jeff browning recovering after a new cascade crest 100 course record of 18h 31min

bill after the mahem

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