Sunday, August 15, 2010

Millwood Chronicles - Day 2

chad brackelsberg on the way up patsy marly the beginning of the wolverine cirque

Today: 20 miles with 8,000 feet of vertical gain

today we covered some serious terrain and some massive vertical gain. i was hopeful my glute injury was past me because day 1 went so well.. no pain, no twinges, nothing. but when i woke up this morning my glute was painfully sore. every step of uphill hurt today.

we started at brighton and basically ran my favorite loop to start the day. up to twin lakes pass, patsy marley, wolverine cirque, wolverine peak, tuscararo peak and catherine's pass to alta.  then baldy, down and up hidden peak and backwards on karl's speedgoat 50km course.  the descent we got off course and added 3 miles or so before meeting jared at the road by the church.

chad descending baldy in snowbird ski resort (this is backwards on karl's speedgoat course)

from church we climbed. it was cool to see this section in summer because i had skinned up almost this exact route on my way to superior and cardiff pass. it was a painful climb for my butt, but i really wanted to see what ryan mcdermot called "quintessential jared". eventually we arrived at what i believe to be carbonate pass by kessler peak. in the picture below jared is laughing at us because he knows what the downhill is like (check out the video for a good idea on that).

the climb up kessler

at the kessler saddle, jared is laughing at us because he knows what the dowhill section is like

by the end of two days with mass vert the millwood 100 did in fact take me out. as justin angle reminded me "there are bigger fish to fry". chad continued on having to break it up a bit with work travel... but you can follow his adventure on his blog ~ the brat pack.

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