Saturday, August 14, 2010

Millwood Chronicles - Day 1

Today: 19 miles with 9,700 feet of vertical gain

i love a good project, especially when i get to see new beautiful terrain.  chad planned it out and today we started jared campbell's millwood 100 route.

Millwood 100 Section 1 & 2

Section 1 - Neffs to Church: 8.6miles / 4,300'

i've run this section with jared before and really like neff's canyon.  once you gain the first 1,000ft you are all alone.  i've never seen another sole up there... and it's a good stiff climb.  chad and i kept a solid pace and arrived at the dropped car at church fork in millcreek canyon in 2hr 15mins feeling great.

Section 2 - Church to Grandeur to Church: 9.3miles / 5,400'
this awesome loop uses a secret trail off the pipeline trail.  i've run it a couple of times and it never disappoints because the west side of grandeur is a great steep climb at the edge of salt lake city.  it's too bad my stupidity was on full blast on this section. i thought i had taken 50 ounces (which still wouldnt' have been enough), but in actuality i took more like 20.  with more than 4,000 feet of fully exposed climbing during the hottest part of the day i was in trouble.  by the time we got to the west side of granduer i had no water left as we started the climb.  in an effort to stay alive i took a few too many pulls off of chad's cytomax.  this meant we both suffered greatly on the east side return to the car.

we finished the day off with a great meal at silverfork lodge.  tomorrow is going to be sickter gnar.. and jared is going to meet us on kessler peak to show us the "non-trail" route off the summit.

chad's garmin connect file:

video from today:


deraj said...

Dude, I'm dying to read your Millwood Day 2 write-up. :) It was great getting out with you and Chad today. Hopefully you enjoyed the somewhat contrived route up and over Kessler.

Team RASH said...

Hey Matt,
I was inspired by your 'wonder girls run the Wonderland' post and your original intention before the CT. So this weekend I solo fastpacked taken 3 nights the Wonderland. Amazing trail from 4 bear encounters, moaning glaciers, rock falls, whistling marmots, and perfect weather. thanks for the idea

Matt Hart said...

jared.. as you know, day 2 took me out!

team rash! so great to read that i've inspired.. love it. i can't wait to run the wonderland trail.