Friday, August 13, 2010

Jared Campbell's Millwood 100

100 miles, 44,000ft of vertical climb, scrambling, bushwhacking and tons of beautiful singletrack

since i moved to salt lake city in january i've been hearing about the millwood 100. this is a dream 100 mile route that jared campbell put together. as a bad ass climber, mountain runner and backcountry skier i think he knows these mountains better than anyone. doesn't hurt that he grew up at the foot of the wasatch front.  he had shown me the route on a map a couple of times, but it wasn't until i saw this google map that it made any sense to me.

View Millwood100_revA in a larger map

i've run or skied in a lot of these areas, but the majority i have yet to see. a few weeks before hardrock jared and ty draney tried to run the whole thing in 3 days.. but with "A" races coming up and 44,000ft of vertical gain it was just too aggressive. so when chad brackelsberg said he wanted to run the whole thing in 5 days it sounded like the perfect last push in my training for the wasatch 100 miler.  i took today off and am super excited to get started tomorrow a.m.  i'll chronicle each days route here on my blog.  here is the schedule chad put together (i added a mile to each day because of the mapping discrepancy).

* Saturday: 18.9m / 9,700' 
Neffs to Church: 8.6m / 4,300'   
Church to Grandeur to Church: 9.3m / 5,400'

* Sunday: 27.1m / 11,300'
Brighton to Alta: 10.6m / 4,300'

Alta to Kessler to Mill B: 15.5 / 7,000'

* Monday: 21.4m / 7,500'
Big Water to Days: 8.5m / 2,500'
Days to Silver Fork to Brighton: 11.9m / 5,000'

* Tuesday: 22.6m / 10,000'  
Church to Terraces: 8.8m / 4,000'
Terraces to Gobblers to Big Water: 12.8m / 6,000'

* Wednesday: 11m / 4,600'
Mill B to Mill Creek: 10m / 4,600'

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