Friday, August 13, 2010

How I'm Feeling After Running 500 Miles

the view from my new "go-to" run - Wolverine Cirque

it's been 2.5 weeks since i finished the 500 miles of colorado trail. since then i've moved into a new place up big cottonwood canyon, had the OR show blast through town and somewhat recovered.

my new driveway...

my second week back (last week) with the excitement of OR friends being in town and being back in the wasatch i accidentally ran a 75 mile week while telling everyone how tired i still was from the CT.  wups.

in the last couple of days i can say that i've felt considerably better. i think i am nearly out of the hole. i think when you do something huge, like an expedition adventure race or multi-day run you dig a bit of a recovery hole that has to be paid back.  i'm almost there.  it took me 3 weeks to feel normal after the 2006 primal quest.  as for my body, it's feeling good. the lower leg swelling was gone in 3-4 days and my joins are all back to normal.  i did have one injury from the CT. i strained my left glute running to safety out of a hale storm on snow mesa.  i hit knead a massage twice last week to get work done.  it really helped and yesterday was the first day i didn't feel it at all while running.  i know it's still lingering however, but i no longer feel it day to day.  i had entertained the idea of doing my buddy ty draney's el vaquero loco 50km this weekend as speed work.  but the van didn't start today and is now in the shop.  probably for the best, as i'm sure any sort of race pace would bring the glute issue back.

it's really hard to sit still when i can run right out the door to amazing high altitude terrain.  i like the idea of having a 'go-to' loop from the house.  i think i might have found the best short mtn run on earth.

Wolverine Cirque Trail Run

here is a run i did the mrc crew (thanks for including me fellas!). photos and video care of christian johnson.

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Dan Sears said...

OK, fine! After this little display of the immense beauty of your new 'home' I will need to come verify it for myself. Nice!!!