Monday, August 2, 2010

Colorado Trail Media & Gear I Used

worked. after finishing. waxing poetic.

eric over at clif bar posted his unique perspective on my colorado trail adventure. "Montrail’s Crazy Matt Hart Runs Entire Colorado Trail"

below is my finishing video. dakota, ben reeves and dakota's family came out to the junction creek trailhead to cheer me on and see me finish.  this video is dakota running behind me to the end of the colorado trail

i did an interview for with heidi dietrich. it's good. below is an image that ben took after the fact of the bait shop trailer i was holed up in the 1st night. crazy.

my favorite bait shop, where the colorado trail adv almost ended

the fastest known times page has been updated and it's cool to see i did in fact run the 3rd fastest time ever.  reading it however makes me wanna give it another go!  we'll see.

you can read dakota jones's chronicle of the adventure on the motnrail blog here. he's a good writer, english major (and he just ran 2nd at white river 50 miler!! he's now a certified prodigy!)

my friends at suunto posted a quick blog on my adventure as well.. great watches, great people. "Matt Hart Blasts the Colorado Trail".

love this photo. you can just barely see me. that is how it feels to run in mtns this big.

it's just over a week since i finished. recovery is going well. i have pretty much caught up on sleep. the glute (possibly piriformis) injury i sustained running as hard as i could out of a storm on snow mesa, is healing. i can ride a bike without pain. i've got a group run tonight with all sorts of friends coming into town for the outdoor retailer show. should be fun, even if i'm the slowest one there.

Some of the GEAR I Used:
Montrail Rockridges
Black Diamond Z-Poles - these aren't out yet but were amazing - THANKS Rocho!
Teko Mini Crew Socks
Rudy Project Ekynox Sunglasses
nuun Electrolytes
Clif Shots

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Jon Allen said...

Lots of good info here, Matt. Thanks for sharing. And congrats on the 3rd fastest ever CT time- looks awesome.