Sunday, August 15, 2010

Millwood Chronicles - Day 2

chad brackelsberg on the way up patsy marly the beginning of the wolverine cirque

Today: 20 miles with 8,000 feet of vertical gain

today we covered some serious terrain and some massive vertical gain. i was hopeful my glute injury was past me because day 1 went so well.. no pain, no twinges, nothing. but when i woke up this morning my glute was painfully sore. every step of uphill hurt today.

we started at brighton and basically ran my favorite loop to start the day. up to twin lakes pass, patsy marley, wolverine cirque, wolverine peak, tuscararo peak and catherine's pass to alta.  then baldy, down and up hidden peak and backwards on karl's speedgoat 50km course.  the descent we got off course and added 3 miles or so before meeting jared at the road by the church.

chad descending baldy in snowbird ski resort (this is backwards on karl's speedgoat course)

from church we climbed. it was cool to see this section in summer because i had skinned up almost this exact route on my way to superior and cardiff pass. it was a painful climb for my butt, but i really wanted to see what ryan mcdermot called "quintessential jared". eventually we arrived at what i believe to be carbonate pass by kessler peak. in the picture below jared is laughing at us because he knows what the downhill is like (check out the video for a good idea on that).

the climb up kessler

at the kessler saddle, jared is laughing at us because he knows what the dowhill section is like

by the end of two days with mass vert the millwood 100 did in fact take me out. as justin angle reminded me "there are bigger fish to fry". chad continued on having to break it up a bit with work travel... but you can follow his adventure on his blog ~ the brat pack.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Millwood Chronicles - Day 1

Today: 19 miles with 9,700 feet of vertical gain

i love a good project, especially when i get to see new beautiful terrain.  chad planned it out and today we started jared campbell's millwood 100 route.

Millwood 100 Section 1 & 2

Section 1 - Neffs to Church: 8.6miles / 4,300'

i've run this section with jared before and really like neff's canyon.  once you gain the first 1,000ft you are all alone.  i've never seen another sole up there... and it's a good stiff climb.  chad and i kept a solid pace and arrived at the dropped car at church fork in millcreek canyon in 2hr 15mins feeling great.

Section 2 - Church to Grandeur to Church: 9.3miles / 5,400'
this awesome loop uses a secret trail off the pipeline trail.  i've run it a couple of times and it never disappoints because the west side of grandeur is a great steep climb at the edge of salt lake city.  it's too bad my stupidity was on full blast on this section. i thought i had taken 50 ounces (which still wouldnt' have been enough), but in actuality i took more like 20.  with more than 4,000 feet of fully exposed climbing during the hottest part of the day i was in trouble.  by the time we got to the west side of granduer i had no water left as we started the climb.  in an effort to stay alive i took a few too many pulls off of chad's cytomax.  this meant we both suffered greatly on the east side return to the car.

we finished the day off with a great meal at silverfork lodge.  tomorrow is going to be sickter gnar.. and jared is going to meet us on kessler peak to show us the "non-trail" route off the summit.

chad's garmin connect file:

video from today:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jared Campbell's Millwood 100

100 miles, 44,000ft of vertical climb, scrambling, bushwhacking and tons of beautiful singletrack

since i moved to salt lake city in january i've been hearing about the millwood 100. this is a dream 100 mile route that jared campbell put together. as a bad ass climber, mountain runner and backcountry skier i think he knows these mountains better than anyone. doesn't hurt that he grew up at the foot of the wasatch front.  he had shown me the route on a map a couple of times, but it wasn't until i saw this google map that it made any sense to me.

View Millwood100_revA in a larger map

i've run or skied in a lot of these areas, but the majority i have yet to see. a few weeks before hardrock jared and ty draney tried to run the whole thing in 3 days.. but with "A" races coming up and 44,000ft of vertical gain it was just too aggressive. so when chad brackelsberg said he wanted to run the whole thing in 5 days it sounded like the perfect last push in my training for the wasatch 100 miler.  i took today off and am super excited to get started tomorrow a.m.  i'll chronicle each days route here on my blog.  here is the schedule chad put together (i added a mile to each day because of the mapping discrepancy).

* Saturday: 18.9m / 9,700' 
Neffs to Church: 8.6m / 4,300'   
Church to Grandeur to Church: 9.3m / 5,400'

* Sunday: 27.1m / 11,300'
Brighton to Alta: 10.6m / 4,300'

Alta to Kessler to Mill B: 15.5 / 7,000'

* Monday: 21.4m / 7,500'
Big Water to Days: 8.5m / 2,500'
Days to Silver Fork to Brighton: 11.9m / 5,000'

* Tuesday: 22.6m / 10,000'  
Church to Terraces: 8.8m / 4,000'
Terraces to Gobblers to Big Water: 12.8m / 6,000'

* Wednesday: 11m / 4,600'
Mill B to Mill Creek: 10m / 4,600'

How I'm Feeling After Running 500 Miles

the view from my new "go-to" run - Wolverine Cirque

it's been 2.5 weeks since i finished the 500 miles of colorado trail. since then i've moved into a new place up big cottonwood canyon, had the OR show blast through town and somewhat recovered.

my new driveway...

my second week back (last week) with the excitement of OR friends being in town and being back in the wasatch i accidentally ran a 75 mile week while telling everyone how tired i still was from the CT.  wups.

in the last couple of days i can say that i've felt considerably better. i think i am nearly out of the hole. i think when you do something huge, like an expedition adventure race or multi-day run you dig a bit of a recovery hole that has to be paid back.  i'm almost there.  it took me 3 weeks to feel normal after the 2006 primal quest.  as for my body, it's feeling good. the lower leg swelling was gone in 3-4 days and my joins are all back to normal.  i did have one injury from the CT. i strained my left glute running to safety out of a hale storm on snow mesa.  i hit knead a massage twice last week to get work done.  it really helped and yesterday was the first day i didn't feel it at all while running.  i know it's still lingering however, but i no longer feel it day to day.  i had entertained the idea of doing my buddy ty draney's el vaquero loco 50km this weekend as speed work.  but the van didn't start today and is now in the shop.  probably for the best, as i'm sure any sort of race pace would bring the glute issue back.

it's really hard to sit still when i can run right out the door to amazing high altitude terrain.  i like the idea of having a 'go-to' loop from the house.  i think i might have found the best short mtn run on earth.

Wolverine Cirque Trail Run

here is a run i did the mrc crew (thanks for including me fellas!). photos and video care of christian johnson.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Colorado Trail Media & Gear I Used

worked. after finishing. waxing poetic.

eric over at clif bar posted his unique perspective on my colorado trail adventure. "Montrail’s Crazy Matt Hart Runs Entire Colorado Trail"

below is my finishing video. dakota, ben reeves and dakota's family came out to the junction creek trailhead to cheer me on and see me finish.  this video is dakota running behind me to the end of the colorado trail

i did an interview for with heidi dietrich. it's good. below is an image that ben took after the fact of the bait shop trailer i was holed up in the 1st night. crazy.

my favorite bait shop, where the colorado trail adv almost ended

the fastest known times page has been updated and it's cool to see i did in fact run the 3rd fastest time ever.  reading it however makes me wanna give it another go!  we'll see.

you can read dakota jones's chronicle of the adventure on the motnrail blog here. he's a good writer, english major (and he just ran 2nd at white river 50 miler!! he's now a certified prodigy!)

my friends at suunto posted a quick blog on my adventure as well.. great watches, great people. "Matt Hart Blasts the Colorado Trail".

love this photo. you can just barely see me. that is how it feels to run in mtns this big.

it's just over a week since i finished. recovery is going well. i have pretty much caught up on sleep. the glute (possibly piriformis) injury i sustained running as hard as i could out of a storm on snow mesa, is healing. i can ride a bike without pain. i've got a group run tonight with all sorts of friends coming into town for the outdoor retailer show. should be fun, even if i'm the slowest one there.

Some of the GEAR I Used:
Montrail Rockridges
Black Diamond Z-Poles - these aren't out yet but were amazing - THANKS Rocho!
Teko Mini Crew Socks
Rudy Project Ekynox Sunglasses
nuun Electrolytes
Clif Shots