Monday, July 12, 2010

From Rainier to the Colorado Trail

this winter i sat down and planned my season. i though it would be cool to leave july free for something huge. my initial idea was to summit mount rainier, then without stopping circumnavigate the mountain via the 93 mile wonderland trail... the rainier summit-circ, as i came to call it. as far as i know this hasn't been done... and giving credit where it's due i think ty draney was the first one to suggest this to me.

well with the summer never arriving to the pacific northwest the wonderland isn't even close to being melted out enough to follow. the trail is still completely under snow. in june i got word from a local "it's still march conditions on the rainier."

i had to figure out another july mega plan. i asked the twittersphere and facebook for alternate ideas. meghan hicks responded with "The Grand, Middle, and South Tetons, then a Tetons circumnavigation? Yeah, that's a good idea and you know it! ;)". it was a great idea, and was in line with the whole summit-circ thing. running up the grand, middle and south teton.. then running my circumnavigation route around them would be pretty awesome, and tough.  however the more i thougth about it, it just didn't seem to be big enough, i wanted something i would almost certainly fail at, or die trying.

this past weekend while at the hardrock 100, surrounded by these amazing mountains and these inspiring athletes i decided...  i'm going to run the colorado trail.  i'm not so bold to say that i'm going for the record, because everyone, including dr. david horton says it's "tight".  so tight in fact that the last few records have taken mere minutes off the previous time.  the fastest known times page gives a great recap of the record and the attempts.  it's basically 58 miles a day of tough high altitude trail for 8.5 days.  i will say that i'm going to run as fast as i can.

at hardrock i asked young money, dakota jones to run with me.  since he's running the white river 50 at the end of the month it wouldn't be a good idea to run 500 miles just before.  so he offered to crew me, which i am eternally grateful for.  he and i will jump in the eurovan tomorrow and scout some of the access points.  i'm pretty worried about the eurovan being able to even make it to some of these remote spots.  access is an issue... but we'll just have to do the best we can without 4 wheel drive. which essentially means i'll have to run further before seeing my crew and getting aid.