Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 nuun UltraRunners - Part 2

nuun's 2010 ultrarunners

nuun is the proud sponsor of the following amazing ultrarunners!

Geoff Roes
Orange Ginger is my favorite flavor of Nuun and I like to drink it on almost every training run I go on.  I usually take one bottle with Nuun and one bottle with water.  More often than not the bottle with water comes back full and the bottle with Nuun comes back empty.  This year I'm most excited to be racing in two of the most competitive ultras in the world: Western States and UTMB.

Jamie Gifford
I started drinking nuun several years ago.  Nuun is an integral part of my training.  Prior to switching to nuun, I tried several other electrolyte replacement drinks in an attempt to eliminate cramping issues.  Nuun has been the answer!  Drinking nuun during training and races, has also allowed me to significantly reduce sodium/salt tablets.   My favorite flavors are lemon-lime and orange-ginger.  I am excited about running a couple inaugural 100 milers this year, Swan Crest and Pine to Palm.  I also use the other Nuun products, I love the visor and the larger water bottles.

Brian Morrison
I had heard of Nuun for a while, but it wasn't until I tasted Kona Kola on ice that I became a convert.  It was another hot day at Western States, and I was completely parched.  It was really love at first sip. To this day, I've never tasted something so perfect while racing.  Now I fully enjoy the whole spectrum of flavors, but I'll always have a special place in my heart for Kona Kola.  This year I'm very excited to be racing the Sunflower Marathon, the McDonald Forest 50k, and especially the Fat Dog 100 miler.

Justin Angle I first tried Nuun on a long adventure run from Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass in 2005.  I was filling my bottles from streams and treating them with iodine.  My buddy handed me a Nuun tablet and said, "this stuff will give you all the electrolytes you need, AND make that iodine taste go away."  One sip and I was sold.  Since then, Nuun has been an integral part of my training and racing.  Not only does Nuun give you what you need, it makes you want to drink more, and that is invaluable during a long race.  BannaNuun and Orange Ginger are my staple flavors.  What I'm excited about this year is being a dad and Western States 100
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Sean Meissner
I was introduced to nuun in January of 2007 through the Montrail Ultrarunning Team, as I'm a member and nuun became one of our sponsors. I fondly remember receiving a very thoughtful hand-written letter with my first nuun even before I ever tasted nuun, I knew the company was very caring. Since then, I've become a huge fan of nuun. I literally always have a tube in my pocket both for personal use and to share the love. I'm an assistant high school cross country coach and all of the kids fondly refer to me as their nuun dealer. My office is now even talking about getting a second water cooler specifically for nuun. I love drinking hot nuun on cold mornings, and a good nuuntini is hard to beat. My favorite flavor is tri berry, but ice cold kona cola is hard to be on hot days or just when I need a little caffeine pick-me-up, both on the trail and at work.
This year I'm excited about: Desert RATS Stage Race, 5 days, 148 miles on the Kokopelli Trail; Pikes Peak Marathon; Ultramaraton de los Andes 80 km in Chile
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 nuun UltraRunners - Part 1

nuun's 2010 ultrarunners

couple housekeeping items:
  • nuun is always spelled lower case. our owner/founder is both british and cheekey
  • nuun is pronounced like the time of day "noon"
we're working on getting our ultrarunners up on the website.. very cool.  as many of you know i've been the nuun ultrarunning ambassador for the last few years.  we have a total of 12 ultrarunners we fully sponsor, here are four of them.

Luke Nelson
Last spring, during my first 50 mile race, I found myself in the deep, dark and seldom visited part of the pain cave.  I had not been paying attention to the rising heat and had fallen way behind on my hydration.  I limped myself into the next major aid station and was handed an ice cold bottle of Kona Cola Nuun, it was quite frankly one of the best drinks I have ever tasted and it was exactly what I needed. I filled both of my hand bottles with it and set out feeling a hundred times better.  Since then I have incorporated Nuun into almost every long training run and every ultra that I have raced.  Nuun keeps me drinking during long races, and more importantly it keeps me hydrated properly.   Kona Cola and Orange Ginger are my go to flavors but I have been mixing it up with Banananuun a lot recently.  This year I am looking forward to the Pocatello 50Wasatch Speedgoat 50kEl Vaquero Loco 50kWasatch 100, and some amazing adventure runs in the Tetons. More on how I balance ultrarunning, Physician Assistant School, and being a husband and father Here.

Bruce Grant
I have been using nuun for four years, and it has honestly been the most significant factor in improving my race performance and helping me continually expand my limits. If I am drinking nuun, I know that my hydration and electrolytes are kept in an optimal balance, regardless of whether I am running in the African Kalaharie desert for a week, over the peaks at Hardrock, or doing lunchtime CardioCore classes at the gym. I have even used it to bring a fellow stage racer who was dehydrated and vomiting back to full recovery so he could run with me the next day. Orange-ginger and banana are my flavour favourites, but for 100-mile runs where I will pound back 24 - 36 bottles, I'll mix the tablets up so each bottle ends up with a random taste.
What I'm excited about in 2010:  Hardrock 100 miler, the Tor Des Geants 200 Miler in Italy, and doing another all-night aid station for runners at the STORMY 100 miler

Ty Draney name is Ty...and I am a NUUN addict.  I have been running ultras for 10 years now and using NUUN as long as it has been available.  I use it daily, either during training (I mix it up with tri-berry, kona kola, and bannananuun) and enjoy goji-berry “U” at work in-between my daily doubles.  I have a sensitive stomach so I find that NUUN provides me with all the electrolytes I need without getting sugar “rot-gut” later in races.  This season I’ll be taking on new adventures with the Pocatello 50, the Devil’s Backbone 50, the JMT, and my first race back east the Grindstone.  NUUN is the official drink for El Vaquero Loco 50k/25k races which I direct...

Devon Crosby-Helms
I have been drinking nuun since I started ultrarunning. I use it to hydrate after my runs and if I am blessed enough to have a crew during my ultras, I have them drop a nuun in my bottles as well. My favorite flavor is orange-ginger. I am really excited for Western States and Cascade Crest.
Devon's blogs: and

Ashley Nordell
I can't even remember when I first started drinking nuun, but its been a part of my training for a long time. I was grateful to have it when Sean Meissner, Matt Hart, and I ran around the Three Sisters, going up and over the South Sister. We were out for much longer than anticipated thanks to Sean's supposed "trail" down the back side of the South Sister, and had to fill our bottles in the creek. I normally can't drink anything with iodine taste, but after dropping a nuun in the bottle, I didn't even notice the iodine. I also like how I don't have to worry about taking electrolyte capsules in races. Instead, I just drop 3/4 of a nuun tablet in one of my bottles and am good to go. My favorite flavors are orange ginger, lemon lime, and tri berry. I'll use the cola nuun in hundreds during the night for the caffeine.  The races I was/am most excited about for the year are Three Days of Syllamo and Bighorn 100.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

so, what exactly are electrolytes?

nuun founder, tim, likes to talk chemistry at times, knocking out words like osmolality and sodium citrate without skipping a beat. but the rest of us have wikipedia bookmarked to shed light on some of the more complicated things in life. thankfully, sally hara, a registered dietitian and board certified specialist in sports dietetics, decided to enlighten us with a little electrolyte talk with this article and we wanted to share how they can charge athletic performance, in a way we all can understand:
What are electrolytes and why do sports nutrition experts recommend them for athletes? Are they some kind of super energy source? Why is a sports drink containing electrolytes any better than plain water? To best address these questions, it will be helpful have an understanding of the function of electrolytes in the human body.

When mineral salts dissolve in water they break up into electrically charged particles, or ions. These are what we refer to as electrolytes. In the human body some of the most important of these are sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. These electrolytes have several important functions. They are vital for maintaining fluid balance in the body. They help regulate the balance of water within and between body cells. Total body hydration and acid-base balance are dependent on proper fluid and electrolyte balance.

Other functions of electrolytes that are especially important to athletes involve nerves and muscles. Though electrolytes don't contain energy themselves, they are essential for conducting electrical impulses used by the body's nerves and muscles. Both nerves and muscles operate via electrical impulses activated by electrolytes in and around the cells. Muscle contractions require the presence of adequate sodium, potassium and calcium. If theses electrolytes are not available in sufficient quantities, muscle weakness or cramping may occur. Likewise, sodium, potassium and calcium are necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses which carry signals up and down the nerves directing muscle actions. If there is an electrolyte imbalance neurological functions are hindered. In some cases, the brain may be signaling the muscles to contract, but the signals are not transmitted well enough for the muscles to receive or respond to them very well, resulting in slow reflexes or weakness. In essence, it's like trying to receive a cell phone call in an area where there are "no bars". Electrolyte imbalance can also compromise the function of the brain itself, resulting in impaired judgment, mental confusion and fatigue. Often these symptoms can mimic those of "bonking" which occurs when the body in running out of fuel. In extreme cases of electrolyte depletion, seizures or even heart failure can occur (since the heart is a muscle whose contractions are stimulated by nerve impulses). Hence, maintaining good fluid and electrolyte balance is essential to health and athletic performance.

As athletes train and perform they lose fluids and electrolytes via sweat. Hydrating with water alone can help prevent over-heating, but won't protect against electrolyte imbalances that can hinder performance. In some cases drinking only water can dangerously dilute out the electrolytes in the body, actually worsening electrolyte imbalances (hyponatremia). Conversely, consuming an electrolyte containing sports drink can minimize the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue by replacing electrolytes lost in sweat. Well-formulated electrolyte beverages will also enhance fluid absorption and encourage thirst, allowing for more rapid rehydration. Electrolyte replacement beverages have a clear advantage over water for promoting fluid and electrolyte balance, which in turn helps to optimize health and athletic performance.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sparker Circuit - Quick Workout

i'm once again back to posting quick workouts. i've simply been lacking fitness models lately. i'm going to start employing my coaching clients, but for this one i make an appearance.

my buddy kurt parker was stoked on my Cory's 600s the Hard Way workout and would frequently update me with his time for the workout. he also said he got the whole university of washington physical therapy department doing the workout as well...  and apparently they are all waiting for a new workout post.  so i made this for him, named it after him and let him chose the song... metalica's seek and destroy. he's a metal head from maine after all.

my workout consisted of 3 rounds or sets of this circuit.  i suggest you start with one set until you get the movements down.  for full credit, time yourself doing 5 rounds with not rest in between.  focus on perfect form.

5 rounds of 20 reps:
20 Single Leg Burpees (10 each side) or as in the video 10 single leg, 10 regular - next round switch legs
20 StickUps
20 Side Plank Dips
20 Reverse Leg Ups
20 each side Spidey Planks (40 total)
20 Reverse Crunch
20 each side Cross Body Mtn Climbers (40 total)