Monday, March 29, 2010

My Whole Foods Day

although i try to eat an organic whole foods diet daily, i've noticed myself taking certain allowances.. daily. training seems to confuse things for me. i've lost focus and i can feel it. in talking about this with some clients and friends i decided to write a blog on the WHOLE FOOD FOR A DAY CHALLENGE.

in his book thrive brendan brazier talks about the energy it takes your body to process, assimilate and pass complex processed foods. this really rang true for me. when i eat whole foods i feel "light". when i eat processed crap i feel like i have a gut bomb that takes my body forever to process.  it also seems to slow me down, which makes multiple trainings sessions in one day virtually impossible.  here is the perfect example of how that food breaks down from the movie supersize me.

ok so what did i eat? it's sunday, i had a hard speed session yesterday. 16.3 miles at VOV pace (verge of vomit).  so today is a "rest day" where i'll just attend a yoga class.

i started my day screwing up a bit. i took my fish oil pills. certainly not a whole food... but habit.  i think on the whole day i only screwed up twice.  almond milk was used in my smoothie to simply make it blend and smooth.  tomorrow i'll do better.

Breky:  4 eggs (2 whites, 2 whole organic cage free, free range) omelet w/garlic, orange pepper, broccoli, on a bed of steamed spinach.  1 cup of coffee and yerba mate as well.

Snack:  Orange

Lunch:  Fruit Smoothie; banana, hemp seed powder (ground whole hemp seeds), mixed frozen berries and frozen apple, spinach, almond milk (my cheat to make it smooth), amazing grass wheat grass

Snack: 4 hard boiled eggs (yeah i know, too many eggs for one day.  i was trying to avoid the seasoned whole foods turkey breast in the fridge), apple, raw almonds, lil bit of avocado.  this kept me from cheating though.
Snack:  few pieces of organic chicken breast, 2 strawberries, handful of blueberries.. mmm. 

Dinner: wild caught coho Salmon w/stir fry veggies in olive oil and tumeric; spinach, broccoli, orange peppers,

i was very curious what my macro-nutrient breakdown was for the day.  so as i went along i entered it into  for a day off i'm happy with the breakdown...

overall this day felt great.  i really believe that nutrient dense foods make you feel fuller, so you actually eat less.  i was interested in the foods i was eating.  it piqued my curiosity.  it also highlighted how much of a daily nutritional rut i was in.  same foods over and over again, with tons of less than optimal foods sneaking in there.  a long time ago i read something to effect that once you finally get to that place, where you are settled into eating whole healthy foods you won't crave or even consider eating the crap.  i look forward to the day when puffins and peanut butter pretzels don't actually speak to me from the trader joe's shelf.


gus said...

Where can I find that vid you made with the ball workout?

Love the blog, keep it up!

Speedgoat Karl said...

Dude, where's the piece of pie with beer consumption. I bet you'd like to see mine. :-)

Hart said...

gus here is a link to all quick workouts -

karl i'd love to see the day to day breakdown of your diet!