Monday, March 22, 2010

Chuckanut Ridge 50km 2010

Hal Koerner (5th), Yassine Diboun (6th), Ellen Parker (RD), Krissy Moehl (RD), Joe Grant (4th), Eric Skaggs (2nd), Andy Martin (1st), Adam Campbell(3rd)

Krissy Moehl (RD) with Ellie Greenwood (2nd), Susannah Beck (1st), Lia Slemons (3rd)

although i'm repping slc these days i take any and every opportunity to return to the pacific northwest. my friend, the lovely super k, krissy moehl is the race director for the chuckanut ridge 50km in bellingham, wa. after declining to run the race i enthusiastically agree to volunteer, again. i think this is my 4th year in a row helping out. the race is great, like a reunion of sorts. twice now krissy has had me run the middle 18 miles of the course just before the runners start with a bundle of ribbons to make sure the course is properly marked still and nothing was torn down or removed. thank you krissy & ellen! ~ this is the best volunteering job ever.

i will admit reading the list i wasn't convinced it would be as fast as gary robbins claimed on his blog. this was simply because i didn't know the names of the fast guys. the night before i caught up with gary and got the low down.. whoa. marathon trials guys are always dangerous at 50km.

2010 Chuckanut 50km Start:

the weather race morning was fantastic, perfect really.  pre-running the course i couldn't help but think this was course record temps and conditions. there just wasn't any of the normal shoe sucking mud. after running i helped at aid station #4 which was run by one of my coaching clients brandon williams. mostly though i just took video, tweeted live updates, and cheered on friends and clients. i had three clients running this year; alison, bryan and dan ~ all did great! congrats gang.

meissner had called me after the first pack went through. first thing he said was "how much did skaggs win by?". although they had certainly finished i had no idea who won. at aid station #4 erik skaggs was leading on the start of the chinscraper climb. by the time they had finished the climb and were running down the road andy martin had moved into 1st. the race was on...

the story i heard that interested me most was the women's race. susannah beck ran an incredible race after a long layoff from the ultra scene. montrail ultrarunner ellie greenwood has never lost an ultra, and was likely facing her toughest competition to date. from what i heard with 10km left she decided to go for broke, hammering into second place and then just barely running out of real estate before catching susannah for 1st...  finishing just 13 seconds back!  awesome.

seriously... hal, awesome job.  i am always so impressed with guys who can run many different distance well.  i mean hal is the current king of western states 100 miler.  he's won the last two.  how on earth can you be one of the best 100 mile runners and be competitive at one of the fastest 50kms on the calendar?  amazing. 
read hal's race report here.

2010 Chuckanut Ridge 50km results!

Chuckanut 50km at aid station #4 Hal Koerner (5th overall)

Chuckanut 50km at aid station #4 Yassine Diboun in (6th overall)

Chuckanut 50km- coaching client Bryan Estes on chin scraper.. Rockin' it!

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