Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Hot 50km / 30km 2010

all photos by greg norrander and the full set here.  thanks for letting me share them greg!

having felt the nw ultra love last weekend, this past weekend i decided to head down to moab to cheer on some friends running the red hot 50km.  nuun also sponsored the event. jared, mindy and i drove down then met with luke and the meltzers for a late dinner.

race morning found 6 endurance athletes (most of the la sportiva team) packed into the nuun van to shuttle cars to the finishline.  old man meltzer (42) wasn't at all confident of his chances to win and had just decided it was going to be a good hard training session.

1st dood, karl meltzer

1st woman, anita ortiz

as you can see the course had quite a bit more snow on it than most of us thought possible.  the 50km's had an extra loop that apparently involved knee deep post holing.  i ran the 33km since i was still a bit tight from the orcas island 50km the weekend before.  as cheryl meltzer and i made our way to the start i decided i needed more gels.  we had to park quite a distance from the startline.  as i got my gels and started to run back to the startline i could see the race streaming out the dirt road.  just before that i realized i had stuffed enough gels in my moben arm sleeves, so the return trip was totally unnecessary... great.  it took me 5minutes to catch up to the back of the pack.  i was able to push my effort the whole race but felt tight and slow. 

roch horton

the real treat was watching friends finish the 50km. with the desert sun blazing we ate bowls of chowda and cheered each other through. anita ortiz obliterated the women's field by running 4hr 44min, and old man meltzer decided he's got some speed left in those legs and won the overall in 4hr 19min.

most impressive to me however was young dakota jones at just 19 years old taking 3rd place!  watch out for this kid.

the red hot 50km is a great early season race everyone should put on their calendars ~ congrats to all!

3rd dood, dakota jones

jared and luke's finish..


Luke said...

What! You didn't tell people how badass you are by being able to soak in the glacial version of the colorado river for over 4 minutes!!! Complete with snow on the bank and icebergs in the river. Good Times!

Hart said...

ha ha. yeah i'd have to say that was the coldest ice bath i've ever had... chunks of ice floating by while you and miles screamed on the shore didn't help!

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