Sunday, February 14, 2010

The HYPE MACHINE ~ Sean Meissner vs. Matt Hart ~ Grudge Match

bryon powell wrote a lovely blog on his experience at the orcas island 50km. he also put together the below video of sean meissner and my grudge match. in this video sean guarantees a pocatello 50 mile victory of more than 23 minutes. honestly. i mean honestly.. tons of vert, rough course, my favorite distance = he doesn't have a chance.

to be continued at the pocatello 50 miler.


Sunshine Girl said...

Sounds like my favorite "little race" is no longer a little race!! It also sounds like Da Boyz had a most excellent weekend, complete with smack talk, keg and a little runny-run. Atta boys!

Hart said...

yeah leslie there over 100 more racers this year.. the secret is out!

saschasdad said...

You look so pretty in that pink vest. I bet you wish you had it right now.