Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seattle to Salt Lake and Back Again... for Orcas Island 50km

you ever seen a grown man in an inflatable cow suit bowl? didn't think so. jared campbell preparing for coyote two moon 100 mile ultra.

so i've moved from seattle to salt lake city once again for a girl. i call this my annual sojourn for love. it never really seems to work out.  it doesn't much matter however.  i'm here, at the foot of these amazing mountains, in a city filled with amazing people. honestly you can't throw a gel pack around here without hitting a bad ass. i love that. and it's finally started to snow!  i've been able to stay safe in the high avy conditions and find some seriously unbelievable backcountry skiing.  the access to the variable goods from salt lake city, up any of the canyons is unmatched.  it's no wonder the term "dawn patrol" originated here, although i prefer to patrol all day.

just when the slopes really start to fill in i'm headed back to the beautiful pacific northwest.  but not to move back.  i'm here in salt lake city for good now.  as i said, these mountains, these people.  it was not an easy decision to come by actually, seattle is also pretty special.  but i do in fact really enjoy the process of learning about a new place, and making new friends.  i'm buried in maps and guide books daily.  being a little uncomfortable for the short term isn't so bad either.  my endurance coaching business is blossoming.  i'm also going to start working with a local coaching business (more on that later ~ super excited).  so i'm settling in here.  the last piece is renting the seattle condo ~ need one?

in the last three days on skis, both alone and with friends, in the backcountry and front country, i've had this overwhelming feeling that i belong here.  as brigham young looked west into the valley in 1847 he said "this is the place".  i'm looking east into the mountains saying the same thing.

my new office with a view


Brad said...

Congratulations Matt. Sounds like a great move. The view out of your office isn't too bad either. Perhaps you can drop-in on Mark Twight over at Gym Jones if you're in the mood for a light workout.

TD said...

Welcome to the mountains amigo. A much easier trip than Seattle. Let me know when you get back in town.

Hart said...

thanks brad.. yeah i'm very interested in what mark twight has to offer.

td - let's hang out and get some running done soon!

solarweasel said...

hey hart,

i am wrapping up my ee degree at uw in seattle and have applied for grad school at uu in slc...

might need to seek your advice if i wind up moving... need to live within close proximity of mountains and trails :D

Hart said...

weasel - in salt lake you just can't be that far because the mtns are right there. however the further east you are the closer you are technically. but i'd say just find a neighborhood you like.

shoot me an email when the time comes.