Thursday, December 17, 2009's Gear Lists

sunday i was having a conversation with my buddy steve as we skinned into the crystal mountain backcountry. we are both admitted gear junkies and i was telling him exactly what mountain hardwear athlete / pro skier andrew mclean used for gear.  i've had a lot of trouble finding the right ski boot and i noted andrew's choice of the scarpa spirit 4.  steve had just brought a ton of slightly used gear to second ascent here in seattle and said "if i had these gear lists a few years ago i wouldn't have just sold $400 in used gear to second ascent".  using the pro's gear lists and the amazingly relevant reviews on is the only way to go when deciding on big ticket items that can make or break you trip into the backcountry.

andrew mclean's wasatch backcountry skiing gear list


Julia Harpston said...


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jjabodeely said...

On your cascade BC skiing gear list there is no shovel and no avy beacon- what's up with that?

Hart said...

wow.. thank you so much julia. it always makes my day when i hear from people i've inspired.

jjabodeely - very good point. i was trying to keep it real. my ortovox m2 avy beacon was not on anymore.. so i didn't add it. however i can add the equivalent to what i have. that seems to make the most sense. it's better than an obvious gear omission.

Ryan said...

Good stuff! I’m looking forward to trying some backcountry ski touring in the northeast. I need some gear to get started – thinking I’ll buy AT bindings and climbing skins for my alpine skis. Any recommendations for northeast conditions? Do plastic mountaineering boots work in AT bindings?

Hart said...

hey ryan! i'd say go with fritschi bindings to start. that way you can use your normal alpine ski boots.. eliminating that extra cost. i don't know anyone who skis in mountaineering boots. there are very good ski boots on the market these days. no need to try and make mtneering boots work for skiing. they just aren't designed for it. hope that helps.