Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Running in the Tetons - Jared Campbell's Table Mtn Alaska Basin Loop

The Grand (left) and Middle (right) tetons as viewed from a small lake south of Table Mtn

jared's awesome photo of the grand teton and the middle teton

there are a number of really talented runners in the salt lake city area who i am lucky enough to call friends. la sportiva runner jared campbell is one of them. i think i was on my 2nd week of running after a year off when i wholeheartedly said to jared i was "in" on whatever he had planned. let's just say it was a stretch for me, and he did a good deal of waiting around for the "slow guy".what jared put together in an area i have run in and am fairly familiar with was amazing . if you are willing to go off trail a bit there is no limit to the incredible terrain you can travel, as you can see in the photos. this it very counter to what most ultrarunners are into, and that's fine.


Overview of the Table Mountain to Alaska Basin Loop

thank you jared for the awesome run! check out his blog on it and his photos.


Manners said...

Incredible! Thanks for sharing this video. WOW!

Hart said...

no worries manners! it's my pleasure to share the stoke!

Krissy said...

I want to go!!!

Hart said...

k. moehl you've got a free run guide anytime you want.. and you'd love love love running in the teton mtns.. let's plan a trip.