Monday, June 29, 2009

Gary Robbins's 2009 Western States Video

for the last year montrail canada's gary robbins has been storming the ultrarunning scene. he's a new comer to most, but not me. in my previous life as an adventure racer gary was a canadian staple at any major event. and just like myself, found a true passion and in gary's case a true talent for ultrarunning. he's always the most upbeat and stoked guy on the course, even when suffering like a dawg (as you'll see in the video). here is the video i took of gary on the 2009 western states 100 course. gary went out hard and was in the top 10 the first half of the race and told me the lack of heat training caught up to him. he finished in 23:07:20 for 46th place. congrats on getting that sub-24hr belt buckle gary! he also told me the next day that he plans on coming back next year.

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King Arthur said...

Great job Gary. Those last 20 miles showed us all how tough you are.

Dan Sears said...

Matt - I love how Gary wants to talk to you while his crew is trying to pull him away to get him cleaned up and out of the AS. What a solid performance in tough conditions. Great job Gary!

Gary Robbins said...

Hart, I'm poaching internet in Big Sure for five minutes and had to check in on your Western updates...stoked and surprised to see my mug on there!! Thanks so much dude, great seeing ya and my Dad, and I, love the vid...even if I'm doing a hell of a lotta walking in it:)