Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cory's 600 The Hard Way

i am going to make an effort to start posting more of my quick workouts. especially now that my video skills are improving. we'll call this one Cory's 600 the Hard Way

20 repetitions of 6 exercises for 5 rounds. no rest in between rounds.

5 rounds = 600 reps. this is a good full body workout that took cory about 27 mins and me about 25. as you can see cory is just getting used to some of the movements, especially the stability ball leg curls. record your times and as your movements improve you can start to get it done faster - always with good form (even if it's not always demonstrated with perfect form). disclaimer for cory: i had literally just showed him how to do stability ball leg curls before turning the camera on.

the higher quality vimeo version here

5 rounds of 20 reps:
1. pushups
2. arm haulers
3. stability ball leg curls
4. stability ball roll outs
5, leg lifts
6. squats


Wonko said...

Sweet workout Matt, I'm going to try this tomorrow.

Donald said...

Matt -

Thanks for checking out my Vespa review, and for the link from your twitter feed.

I didn't know you had a blog, but I'll definitely be back to follow you adventures. Good luck to you and your team this season.

P.S. As you know, I often do product reviews - if you know of a Montrail marketing rep who'd be willing to talk with me, that would be great!

Phil said...

Hey Matt, Just tried this workout...nice! Figured I'd incorporate it in my routine to maintain the shape while my knee is still recovering - Always good to have some variety in the mix...thanks!


Hart said...

thanks fellas. as long as people keep watching and using them i'll keep posting.

phil glad you dug the workout and good luck with your recovery. mine is going as planned thankfully. i might even get to ride during my spin class today!

another workout coming soon.

Duane said...

Looks like a good core workout which is what I have been looking for. At least add it to what I have already been doing.

Paul Petch said...

Killer workout! I like. Next gym session i'll give it a go.

Great blog by the way. I've added it to my links ;)