Friday, June 26, 2009

Beverly Anderson-Abbs Pre 2009 Western States Interview

the last time the western states 100 miler happen, in 2007, i paced bev abbs to a 2nd place. she has had an amazing beginning to this season. here is a quick interview with her today before the 2009 western states 100.
also follow the race on


King Arthur said...

Thanks for all the videos Matt. It's like we are right there with you. Can you hang out at the top of the Escarpment so we can watch the top Men and Women go by?

Gretchen said...

Go Bev!!!
Wow, thanks for posting these so fast. I just watched you take this video, like, an hour ago!

Geoff said...

great interviews matt. i'll be callling you tomorrow if there's any lapse in info coming through online.

Hart said...

thanks guys..

geoff sorry i couldn't get back to you but i also couldn't update twitter either. deep in the woods and out of service unfortunately. posted hal and anita today.. working on more.