Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anita Ortiz WINS the 2009 Western States 100 Miler

anita ortiz ran a pretty amazing race to win the 2009 western states 100 mile ultramarathon. anita and bev battled early but then she took the lead for good at michigan bluff. she ran squaw valley to auburn, california in 18:24:17, 1st woman, 9th overall. i met anita at the 2008 transrockies, where she was putting on a similar display of female dominance. what makes her win so impressive is that three of the top women in the sport were there to compete, krissy, nikki and bev. what makes this win incredible is that it was her 1st 100 miler! - when you're good, you're good (or great i guess).

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Aaron said...

Hal's win is really impressive, but Anita's is stupid amazing. She did no heat training and had never ran a 100 before (let alone Western). From everything I read leading up to this race missing those two factors was a recipe for disaster. Unbelievable. And she looked amazing coming into the finish line. Plus she has a full time job and four kids! Now none of us has an excuse for not running well. I guess we can still blame it on genetics:(

Stuart said...

There is obviously something in being a school teacher...Ane Trason was one also!

Great coverage of the race, thanks!

Sunshine Girl said...

It's stupid amazing, but not stunning. The woman is tough and she's always been a champion. You know the type: mentally tough, physically gifted and competitive instinct. What a performance!