Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 Western States Photos

i took more video than anything else but here are my photos from the 2009 western states endurance run.

run the fastest from squaw to auburn and you win this cougar

this is the actual devil's thumb at mile 47 of the western states 100 course

michael wardian and sean meissner check in

me and carmen wasserman running her 1st western states

the trail up devil's thumb

little miss ripped bev abbs (3rd place) popsicle in hand, nuun tat on arm

ajw cools down at devil's thumb

gary robbins cools down at forest hill

eric grossman after crossing the river

carly giving hal a well deserved hug after an amazing performance

1st woman anita ortiz right after finishing

2nd place krissy moehl! awesome run girl!

krissy moehl w/pacer devon crosby-helms & mother peggy - feeling a bit worked

ajw's feet after western states

japan's finest - 2nd place tsuyoshi kaburagi

gary robbins stoked


Mike L said...

Matt, I really enjoyed your updates on twitter and your race coverage in general. Thanks a lot!

HappyTrails said...


Thanks for the great coverage - videos, pics, Tweets - it helped enjoy the race from a distance. Nice work!

Sunshine Girl said...

What an exciting weekend. You must be comin' down after that high energy weekend. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

It doesn't take much to get inspired at these events. Every runner has a story. But Anita Ortiz? Damn. That woman has been running hard, fast, agressively and successfully for years and years. T-A-L-E-N-T. And she has 4 kids. It was just a matter of time that she conquered the ultra distances.