Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 Western States Photos

i took more video than anything else but here are my photos from the 2009 western states endurance run.

run the fastest from squaw to auburn and you win this cougar

this is the actual devil's thumb at mile 47 of the western states 100 course

michael wardian and sean meissner check in

me and carmen wasserman running her 1st western states

the trail up devil's thumb

little miss ripped bev abbs (3rd place) popsicle in hand, nuun tat on arm

ajw cools down at devil's thumb

gary robbins cools down at forest hill

eric grossman after crossing the river

carly giving hal a well deserved hug after an amazing performance

1st woman anita ortiz right after finishing

2nd place krissy moehl! awesome run girl!

krissy moehl w/pacer devon crosby-helms & mother peggy - feeling a bit worked

ajw's feet after western states

japan's finest - 2nd place tsuyoshi kaburagi

gary robbins stoked

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gary Robbins's 2009 Western States Video

for the last year montrail canada's gary robbins has been storming the ultrarunning scene. he's a new comer to most, but not me. in my previous life as an adventure racer gary was a canadian staple at any major event. and just like myself, found a true passion and in gary's case a true talent for ultrarunning. he's always the most upbeat and stoked guy on the course, even when suffering like a dawg (as you'll see in the video). here is the video i took of gary on the 2009 western states 100 course. gary went out hard and was in the top 10 the first half of the race and told me the lack of heat training caught up to him. he finished in 23:07:20 for 46th place. congrats on getting that sub-24hr belt buckle gary! he also told me the next day that he plans on coming back next year.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anita Ortiz WINS the 2009 Western States 100 Miler

anita ortiz ran a pretty amazing race to win the 2009 western states 100 mile ultramarathon. anita and bev battled early but then she took the lead for good at michigan bluff. she ran squaw valley to auburn, california in 18:24:17, 1st woman, 9th overall. i met anita at the 2008 transrockies, where she was putting on a similar display of female dominance. what makes her win so impressive is that three of the top women in the sport were there to compete, krissy, nikki and bev. what makes this win incredible is that it was her 1st 100 miler! - when you're good, you're good (or great i guess).

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Hal Koerner WINS the 2009 Western States 100 Miler

this. is. simply. amazing.

hal koerner wins his second western states 100 miler in a row! he dominated likely the most competitive field of 100 mile ultrarunners ever assembled. as he said in his pre-race interview he wanted to "go out hard" and "put a gap on" the field. he ran from squaw to auburn, ca in 16:24:55

hal's a buddy of mine and i couldn't be more stoked for him. congrats hal! seriously incredible running. you have inspired me hal.

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Brian Robinson Pre 2009 Western States 100 Interview

"In 2008 Flyin' Brian Robinson set a course record of 55hr 42min. He was the first person to hike the 3 major N-S U.S. trails in a single calendar year: Appalacian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest, 7400 miles in 300 days. " that is the description of flyin' brian robinson on the barkley marathon website. i am admitedly infatuated with this seemingly impossible 100 mile race in tennessee, and after hearing how he set a new course record (yes i wish i had video taped that) he was nice enough to give me a quick interview. brian finished in 45th in a time of place in 22:52:47.

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Jasper Halekas Pre 2009 Western States 100 Interview

didn't have the connection to get this up before the race so it's going up now. jasper halekas ended up running an amazingly strong race for 4th place in 16:56:26 at the 2009 Western States 100 Miler.

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Bryon Powell 2009 Western States Interview

i caught bryon powell just as the runners had started the 2009 western states 100 mile ultramarathon from squaw valley to auburn, ca. bryon has become a good buddy and he's a great guy with a very cool ultrarunning blog you should check out. powell is the ultimate ultra-geek.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 Western States Start

the start of the 2009 Western States 100 Miler!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Beverly Anderson-Abbs Pre 2009 Western States Interview

the last time the western states 100 miler happen, in 2007, i paced bev abbs to a 2nd place. she has had an amazing beginning to this season. here is a quick interview with her today before the 2009 western states 100.
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Michael Wardian Pre 2009 Western States Interview

micheal wardian talks to me about western states and shows us his blisters from 6th place at the 100km world championships last weekend.

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Scott Dunlap Pre 2009 Western States 100 Interview

nuun ultrarunner and author of "a trail runner's blog" scott dunlap talks to me about the 2009 western states.

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Hal Koerner Pre Western States 100 Interview

Patagonia ultrarunner, Rogue Valley Running Store Owner, and defending Western States 100 Champ Hal Koerner Interview. His plan = Go Out Hard.
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Sean Meissner Pre Western States 100 Interview

montrail and nuun runner sean meissner let's us know how he's feeling before the biggest, most competitive 100 mile ultramarathon of the year, the western states 100. and gives us his top 3 predictions for the big race tomorrow from squaw valley to auburn.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cory's 600 The Hard Way

i am going to make an effort to start posting more of my quick workouts. especially now that my video skills are improving. we'll call this one Cory's 600 the Hard Way

20 repetitions of 6 exercises for 5 rounds. no rest in between rounds.

5 rounds = 600 reps. this is a good full body workout that took cory about 27 mins and me about 25. as you can see cory is just getting used to some of the movements, especially the stability ball leg curls. record your times and as your movements improve you can start to get it done faster - always with good form (even if it's not always demonstrated with perfect form). disclaimer for cory: i had literally just showed him how to do stability ball leg curls before turning the camera on.

the higher quality vimeo version here

5 rounds of 20 reps:
1. pushups
2. arm haulers
3. stability ball leg curls
4. stability ball roll outs
5, leg lifts
6. squats

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Matt's Wicked Smoothie

i've explained this smoothie so many times to friends that i figure i may as well just post a blog on it. it's not hard or complicated, but if you've never done it - this might help.


first and only principle in my smoothie doctrine; never let fruit go bad! that is the best part about letting the smoothie into your life. if you live by the rules, you will never waste fruit again. wash it, cut it into small (like an inch or smaller) bits and then stick it in the freezer before it's too late. if you can't eat it before it starts to go bad, then use it in a smoothie.

the basics:
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of frozen berries (frozen is key to consistency)
  • 1 scoop whey or hemp protein
    whey is great if you can tolerate it. both whey and hemp are complete proteins (meaning they contain all the branch chain amino acids to build muscle) but whey has proved to be the best as far as bcaa profile and muscle building. whey is milk based however, so if you are lactose intolerant than i'd go with hemp. if you go with whey make sure it's mostly isolate, if concentrate is listed before isolate on the ingredients list it's not top quality. i'd say there are far more low quality whey protein powders out there than there are good quality versions.. so pay attention!
  • goji berry green tea u (i'm a non dairy guy so i don't use milk or yogurt. instead i find u works just as good to liquidify my smoothie a bit. just add and blend until it's as liquid as you want. i'll sometimes use almond or soy milk as well, but i prefer to use u - it adds great tastes and more vitamins)
  • amazing grass chocolate superfood (or wheat grass - but not too much! the smoothie is about the taste)
put the banana in first, then add frozen fruit, then the whey protein. this eases the blender into blending things. starting with hard frozen fruit can jam it straight away, and you don't want that. because of the frozen ingredients i often have to stick a spoon in there and loosen it up, but i also like my end result to be pretty thick. just make sure the blender is off. it makes a massive mess and is dangerous to stick a spoon in there while the blender blades are flying.. or so i've heard. as you can see below any fruit will work, really the more the merrier. i've even put a tomato in there before (lycopene!).

i go in phases where i start each and every morning with a smoothie and some french press coffee. i like the contrasting flavors. the fruit in this smoothie pack a great antioxidant punch. i generally tend to taper down my carbs as the day goes on. so starting with a meal that has 50 grams helps me get up and train.

today's smoothie included the following additions, kiwi, orange, pear and apple. i froze the left over from each fruit for tomorrows smoothie.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One More Thing..

.. before i get cut i figured i'd post an update on what is exactly up. i haven't been blogging lately for two reasons. first i now twitter, which is micro-blogging. so i simply don't feel the need to post as often. i figure if i post on big topics and adventures that is sufficient. but it's mostly because i've been battling with this foot injury, so there haven't been any adventures. it became obvious after an epic 13hr backcountry ski tour in the enchantments that i needed to make a tough decision. i finished that tour in a great deal of pain. something drastic needed to be done. so i took 7 weeks completely off. 5 of those weeks were in an air cast.

now i'll try to make this quick. i haven't raced or trained since after the transrockies race, august 2008. i've been suffering from what intelligent people think is a neuroma, which is an inflamed nerve between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal. i've tried metatarsal pads, new shoes, no shoes, cortisone injections, alcohol injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, no running (then no cycling or skiing), complete rest, orthotics and finally a boot. bone scans, mris and xrays didn't show anything. sometimes neuroma's don't show up in mri's, so after the conservative route dr. neal roberts is "confident" he can fix me... with a knife. so tomorrow at 9:15am he will cut the top of my foot open and try to find a neuroma to excise. he'll literally cut the end of nerve and take it out. then he'll tuck the nerve into the muscle so it doesn't regenerate. if there is no neuroma he will "release the transverse metatarsal ligament".

for the following two days i'll be on my back at the fraser's house on mass quantities of drugs. i can't thank them enough for taking care of me. after two weeks of crutches, i'll be able to start walking around normally again, although likely with a new boot on. this is perfect timing as i'm headed to tahoe for the western states 100 miler exactly 2 weeks post surgery. i'll be there to take some promotional video for my sponsor montrail. after 3 months i should be able to start running again. that puts me out until thurs september 10th... but it's progress, something i haven't had in 10 months.

i will admit to being injury prone at this point. why is that? no idea.. maybe it's poor genetics, poor biomechanics, or both of those coupled with overtraining on rugged terrain. who knows?

either way i can't even tell you how much i appreciate everyone that has sent me a message or information on treatments and drs. most amazing to me are the "i hope you get better soon" notes from those that don't even know me. unfortunately, or fortunately i've seen some friends just disappear because i'm haven't been able to "get after it" with them. true friends are there whether you can hammer out 100 miles or not even run a step - i hope they know how much they mean to me.

i'll be twittering updates through the whole process tomorrow.. while i'm conscious of course.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Montrail's Go To Girl Contest

Mountain Hardwear and Montrail have launched an online Mountainwear promotion for women! Go To Girl

We want to know who that Go-to-Girl is that motivates women, and we’re giving away head to toe outfits for the pair of them!

4 weeks. 4 sets of gear.

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