Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video For Montrail Presentation - Seattle 2009

i'm sitting here on a sunny sunday putting together video for my montrail presentation with sean meissner. the presentation is wed may 13th at the mountain hardwear store in seattle. here are some of the good video clips i've dug up over the last three or so years of my life in the ultra scene. i'll be sure to publish the whole thing at some point, but i thought i'd share the good clips.

i am overwhelmed with video and reformatting it to be able to edit it. ugh.
this is the last one i'll post.

in august 2008 i joined karl meltzer during his appalachian assault. he made a valiant effort to break the 47 day appalachian trail record (2,174 miles). i joined him from the start on mount katahdin through maine and into new hampshire, where we are both from. the maine section is considered the roughest section of the appalachian trail. we also had the misfortune of having monsoon weather, which caused higher rivers than anyone had seen in 40+ years. at least it made for good video!


Ty Draney said...

Proud to have made the cut once again-with some pretty outstanding company. Flick Meissner some crap for me when you see him.

Hart said...

flicked meissner plenty of crap for ya ty! can't wait to run with you again my man.