Saturday, April 25, 2009

13 Hours of Enchantment

there are a lot of places in washington i have yet to explore. when i got the email from mark for a massive day in the enchantments my heart raced. anyone who has been just gushes about how amazing of a place it is. i wasn't sure i could make it happen. my hip was sore after getting an injection for an mri and my foot was in a bad place. however after agreeing on email the train was unstoppable. the friday 2:15am departure came so fast i didn't have time to bail.

" Like paths in a fairy tale, the two trails to the Enchantments lead to beauty and magic, but the ways are challenging and can be dangerous."

the skin approach to the enchantment lakes was spars as you can see in the video. we climbed to colchuck lake and up aasgard pass. dragontail peak was an impressive and amazing site and my enchantment began there. had the group had a bit more energy we would have skiied the mighty dragontail - next time. from the pass we skinned out to the lakes fully expecting to see a heard of unicorns or a leprican. it's just that type of place. we then retraced our route back to the car for a 13hr 24mins endevour. it was an amazing 16 miles and 5,879ft on skis. thanks mark and todd for the good times!

mark these words - i will return to run the enchantments.. many many times (here are someone's photos of doing just that).
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Missy B. said...

GREAT video! And an amazing ski tour. I was concerned by the approach shots that it would be an epic ski out, but it looks like things softened up nicely.

Definitely enchanting...

Will have to put it on my list.


HappyTrails said...

Awesome scenery - thanks for posting the video!

Hart said...

thanks guys. i can not wait to return in the summer time and run every trail out there!

Will Thomas said...

Beautiful Scenery. I've been curious what it looks like in there during the winter. It was on my list for last summer but I never made it up there. It just got bumped up in priority now! Thanks!

Here's a look at running it during the summer:

Gary Robbins said...

I`m stoked that you can still ski tour and have a solid outlet for your passion and talents. Great vid, looks like an amazing spot!

Sunshine Girl said...

Oh yeah, baby. We are still touring in these parts, too!

Will Thomas said...

Hope you enjoy it this time around during the summer! I was up there a month ago and it is breathtaking.