Saturday, April 25, 2009

13 Hours of Enchantment

there are a lot of places in washington i have yet to explore. when i got the email from mark for a massive day in the enchantments my heart raced. anyone who has been just gushes about how amazing of a place it is. i wasn't sure i could make it happen. my hip was sore after getting an injection for an mri and my foot was in a bad place. however after agreeing on email the train was unstoppable. the friday 2:15am departure came so fast i didn't have time to bail.

" Like paths in a fairy tale, the two trails to the Enchantments lead to beauty and magic, but the ways are challenging and can be dangerous."

the skin approach to the enchantment lakes was spars as you can see in the video. we climbed to colchuck lake and up aasgard pass. dragontail peak was an impressive and amazing site and my enchantment began there. had the group had a bit more energy we would have skiied the mighty dragontail - next time. from the pass we skinned out to the lakes fully expecting to see a heard of unicorns or a leprican. it's just that type of place. we then retraced our route back to the car for a 13hr 24mins endevour. it was an amazing 16 miles and 5,879ft on skis. thanks mark and todd for the good times!

mark these words - i will return to run the enchantments.. many many times (here are someone's photos of doing just that).
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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Failed Attempt to Ski Mount Rainier

all last week i kept my eye on the weather forecast for mount rainier. we had planned to summit and ski the mighty beast in one shot. car to summit and back on skis. 5,400 feet to 10,410 feet. years ago i summited in a 17hr non stop push to the summit and back sans skis with my adventure racing teammates on DART-nuun.

we left the car at 11:30pm. 4hrs of skinning in the dark while weathering 60 mph winds with likely 80mph gusts was tough. it was by far the hardest trip i've ever had to camp muir, which had become a simple and mundane trip to me at this point. turn the lights out and the fan on high and things get interesting. of the 10-15 teams on the mountain only one attempted to climb past camp muir. they made it to 12,000ft and returned. the weather was insane, they were smart to turn around.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skiing Kendall Peak West Flank - April 14, 2009

DP_KendallWestFlank at EveryTrail

really surprised to get knee deep light and fluffy today... it's the middle of april! compression test didn't break a consolidated slab. neither did an extended column test. we got a 5:45am start to our skin so later in the day i'm sure the avy danger increased.

Monday, April 13, 2009

American Athlete of the Month!

one of my favorite personal training clients miriam rabitz was just selected "athlete of the month" at american athlete gym. miriam has already lost upwards of 80 pounds! simply amazing. just today she retested in the gym's fitness challenge and i can guarantee she made the biggest improvements.

why is she one of my favorites? because she is the shining example of what hard work and dedication can do. she wanted to change her life and her body and she took action.

congratulations miriam!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Montrail Recognized in Outside and Backpacker

Montrail® Recognized in Outside and Backpacker for Mountain Masochist and Hardrock 09

Richmond, CA (April 7, 2009) – Montrail, a leading manufacturer of trail-inspired footwear, is honored to receive recognition for the Mountain Masochist and Hardrock 09 by the prestigious outdoor publications Outside and Backpacker. The Mountain Masochist won the coveted Gear of the Year Award from Outside magazine in the trail running category, and the Hardrock 09 was named the Best Run/Hike Crossover in Backpacker’s March 2008 Gear Guide.

Mountain Masochist – Gear of the Year, Outside

“Lisa Jhung had a team of 30 testers testing about 30 of the year’s new trail running shoes. Whatever the terrain or type of run, the Masochist was the shoe that they simply reached for most often. That was the most telling sign. It’s light and fast, but has enough cushioning, padding and underfoot protection for both technical runs and epics. For most runs, on most kinds of terrain, the Masochist was our favorite performance trail running shoe of the year,” says Buyer’s Guide executive editor Justin Nyberg.

Men’s Mountain Masochist Women’s Mountain Masochist GTX

Designed for the off-road runner who wants exceptional fit, performance and breathability, the Mountain Masochist is lightweight and responsive with killer traction. “We listened to what trail runners had to say and they were calling for something trail-worthy, flexible and nimble. The Mountain Masochist embodies that insight delivering a lightweight, flexible feel without sacrificing stability or support,” says Todd Lewis, Montrail Product Lead.

Tech Specs:

● Midsole - Triple density “Vapor Response” EVA for a responsive ride

● Protection - Trail Shield™ provides a full-foot, lightweight/flexible co-molded material for underfoot protection

● Outsole - Gryptonite™ for great traction and durability

● Upper - Light, breathable hydrophobic mesh with gusseted tongue to keep the dirt out and the feet cool

● Medial post for a smooth transition and mid-foot support

● Optional GORE-TEX® bootie construction,

● Price and Weight (per shoe) - Women’s 9.2 oz., Men’s 10.8 oz.; $95

GORE-TEX® - Women’s 9.8 oz., Men’s 11.4 oz.; $115

Hardrock 09 – Best Run/Hike Crossover in Backpacker’s Gear Guide

The ultimate ultra-runner receives kudos from Backpacker Magazine for its thoughtful upgrades and versatility on the trail. “People who put in the long miles love the stability and protection of the original Hardrock, but they were always wishing for something a little lighter and faster. We feel we found the sweet spot. The Hardrock 09 is lighter, faster and more flexible without sacrificing the support and stability signature to the Hardrock,” says Montrail Sales Manager Donna Williams.

Men’s Hardrock 09 Women’s Hardrock 09

Tech Specs:

● Midsole - 360° Perimeter™ technology for comfort and stability on uneven surfaces

● Protection - Trail Shield™ extends through the forefoot into the midfoot arch to protect from rocks and trail debris

● Outsole - Gryptonite™ GT for great traction and durability on trail

● Upper - Highly breathable mesh with gusseted tongue to keep dirt and moisture out

● Dual-density midsole posted on the medial side

● Molded mid-foot shank for support and torsional rigidity

● Additional cushioning at heel

● Price and Weight (per shoe) - Women’s 10.5 oz., Men’s 11.8 oz.; $110

About Montrail:
Established in 1993, Montrail is a premium outdoor footwear brand known for its technical, high performance trail running and hiking footwear for outdoor enthusiasts. Montrail sells footwear to retailers in the United States and in 29 countries worldwide. In 1996, Montrail embarked on
a mission to improve the standard for comfort and fit in footwear by creating IntegraFit™, its proprietary fit technology. To learn more about Montrail visit

Montrail at

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Has Come to Snoqualmie & Mount Catherine

i've been playing with the iphone gps apps. why pay another $300 when i have one in my pack anyway? today's tour was the first test for the MotionX ($2.99) iphone application. the software is better than any gps i've ever used or seen. it tracked my route pretty well except when i was in thick trees, and it has us going down the south side of catherine a few hundred feet, which we did not do. i think it would be great with the exception of the iphone battery. when using the gps full time it dies quickly. i'd say it lasted 4-4.5hrs in the cold during today's backcountry ski tour. i am a map and compass guy. so when i thought about what i need from a gps it was just two things.

1) utm coordinates for the times when i feel like i need to cross reference on an actual paper map
2) waypoints for just in case situations like white outs

MotionX passed these two with flying colors and then some. i've even been uploading my gps files to as you can see below. it's a pretty cool way to share the visual of the trip. you can even add geotagged photos to the map. which i've done.

as for the iphone battery issue i think i'll track the first 1/2 of my trips with the iphone, then shut it down or put it into airplane mode for the rest. that way i get a gps file of our route and have enough battery for utm reading and the emergency waypoint.

Mt Catherine 4.5.09