Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Pulling For You Chris!

pretty sure this is called "hallin' ass lundberg style"

i met chris lundberg when i was living in the teton's this past summer. he is one of lisa smith-batchen's many amazing friends. we had a couple of adventures together, and many track sessions where i watched in awe of his potential and raw speed. i liked him a lot and we had a similar mountain mentality.

unfortunately chris is sitting in burn care unit of the slc hospital right now. an adventure gone wrong that might cost him his foot and a few other digits. here is the back story of what happened and here is the blog where they are posting progress updates. give a read, drop a positive note and send some positive healing vibes for me.

... and get well quick chris. we're all thinking of you.


Missy B. said...

Wow, Matt--

i just read through Chris's blog and sent him a note. sounds like an amazingly tough guy. thanks so much for sharing his story.


Sunshine Girl said...

O.K. True story. On Saturday, I was ski touring with a guy with 2 wooden feet. Seriously! I couldn't even make this up.

He lost them both in a helicopter crash in the '70's of which he was the only survivor. He crawled out and lost 'em both to frostbite. He's fit, healthy and a helluva' skiier. We just had to stop occasionally for a prosthetics adjustment in the middle of the trail. If you think taking your ski boots off at the end of a day feels should try taking your ski leg w./ski touring boot attachment off at the end of a day!

A speedy recovery and sending good vibes to Chris. We all like our digits intact.

bizyah said...

Matt, many thanks for the shout-out here. The good news out of Salt Lake is that I will be keeping all my toes! I still need to spend some quality time with my hospital bed as I battle an infection in one foot and prepare for a skin graft.

Pretty stoked to not be looking at wooden feet, though I can see the appeal to some degree :)

I hope to see you down at the Pocatello 50, if not before. I probably won't be racing it, but it looks like all my friends are so I'll be there for sure!

Hart said...

chris! great to hear from you man. i'm stoked to hear that you aren't losing any digits man, no one really likes wooden feet. good luck with the skin graft.

i won't be at the pocetello 50. for some reason jared put me on the list. i am still banged up.