Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tribute and Must Watch Ski Flix

shane mcconkey
the ski world lost one of the best yesterday. here is a shane mcconkey tribute video (thanks

candide thovex
all i can say about this video on candide thovex is "INCREDIBLE! .. point blank pirid" (as T.I. would say). candide charges these lines with the smooth aggressiveness style of a black mamba.

ever since high school i've wanted to make movies. these days i get my thrills with the digital camera and some quick pasted edits. eric williams, tom roberts, peter blouin and i used to make "extreme sports" movies in media class back at portsmouth high. i'd love to see those now.

greg hill
not to be outdone greg hill who has skinned and skied a million vertical feet in a year has taken to bringing his hi def camera with him on his ski mtneering adventures. it's awesome stuff and it makes me want to put a bit more effort into the videos i post.. maybe i'll add some music next time.

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