Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skiing the East Summit of Snoqualmie Mountain

scratchy and crusty out there today but still better than cleaning the house or sitting on the couch.

law dawgs todd and mark, as well as my bc staple steve copson and i set out with the objective of skiing the 40+ degree crooked couloir off snoqualmie mountain. with no real beta on the couloir ther was a very real chance we would have had to rappel out of the couloir.. making it extra bad ass of course. the sun made a short appearance but by the time we got to the summit it was full on white out blizzard at 6,200 feet. because we were a mere 500 feet from the top of the couloir we forged on. navigating by brale and hopeful not fall off a cliff or cornice. it was only a few minutes until it became obvious that proceeding would be foolhardy. we simple couldn't tell what we were skiing into. so we skied down from the summit the way we climbed and left the crooked couloir for another day.

the skin up phantom

around cave ridge it got steep and crusty

mark is pointing at the final pitch to the summit. it's right in front of him, we just can't see it.

i'm an artist

my gear... get some!

my new favorite ski jacket - the mtn hardware synchro


Dave said...

Hey Matt, nice seeing you up there. Hope you get it next time,


Hart said...

hey thanks dave. yeah good to see you up there too. i have to say i'm a bit jealous you got to ski the slot couloir. nicely done!

Matt Schonwald said...

ucky you did not make it, the bulge is mostly rock and would be a big rappel. I skied under it last week and was surprised how poor the coverage is.

Hart said...

matt we had our harnesses with us and were prepared for a rappel if it came to that.

but thanks for the info on the poor coverage.

Will Thomas said...

Great Video. I was up there on the summit 2 weeks ago via snowshoes and was wishing I had my skis with me.